8 Causes Of Premature Greying Of Hair

Causes Of Premature Greying Of Hair

Though graying is normally associated with age, there are many who suffer from premature graying of hair. This makes them look older than their age so they try to hide it using henna or hair color. Here are some reasons why this happens.


Unfortunately for some people, not only is intelligence and beauty easily transferable through the DNA, so is premature graying. However, surveys reveal that late thirties is usually when graying starts for Asians.

Lifestyle Choices

Over the past few years there have been many incidents of younger people reporting premature graying. This is usually associated with their lifestyle choices that include excessive indulgence in smoking, drinking and other recreational addictive substances.

Smoking & Drinking Cause Premature Greying Of Hair

Medical Condition

There are some diseases such as vitiligo, thyroid issues and Vitamin B12 deficiency that cause premature graying of hair.

Thyroid Issues Cause Premature Greying Of Hair

Work Pressure

The amount of stress that an average person handles today has increased multifolds over the past few decades. This stress at work or school causes premature graying.

Work Pressure Cause Premature Greying Of Hair

Fashion and Trend

Being beautiful can really be painful especially since the excessive usage of hair products and heat appliances (dryers and straighteners) can cause premature graying too.

Heat Appliances Cause Premature Greying Of Hair


Eating Habits

The faulty diets that most people follow have a great impact not only on the body but also the hair. Eating improper or less nutritional food at odd hours increases the chances of premature graying

Eating Habits Cause Premature Greying Of Hair

Hair Color

The irony of the situation is that if you have been using hair dyes to cover up the graying, chances are that it will increase the premature graying!

Hair Color Cause Premature Greying Of Hair

Chronic Illness

There are some diseases like cancer whose treatment (chemotherapy or radiation) can cause premature graying of hair too. While many causes can be out of your control, you can make dietary and lifestyle changes to live a better life.

Chronic Illness Cause Premature Greying Of Hair

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