8 Blonde Hair Color Ideas

A blonde moment is when one acts dumb to the extreme. Well, there are women who aren’t dumb but look outrageously sexy when they turn themselves into a blonde. The color blonde shows the luxurious side of a person, no wonder most of the celebs go full blonde; the red carpet calls them to do so. Choosing the shade of blonde may be a bit difficult for you ladies but the simple notion of having lighter shades of blonde with fair complexion and darker shade when it comes to having dark complexion is a good fit. Going blonde may a bold decision, but once it hits you, you astonishingly different and hot.

Let Us See Some Of The Shades That You Can Consider While Turning Yourself Into A Blonde Model, They Are As Follows:

1. Platinum

People with fair skin, this might be of use to you. Gwen Stefani rocked the photo shoot recently when she turned up with such a shade of blonde that matched her skin tone and her bright lips just made it difficult for all the men to ignore her beauty.


2. Golden

This perhaps is one of those common blonde shades that you have already witnessed. Nevertheless, golden shade has been evergreen when it comes to going blonde. If you don’t know how this would suit you, imagine Taylor Swift singing a song in front of you; she just knows how to pull it off quite well.


3. Sandy

Yes we have reached my favorite, Scarlett Johansson. She has been one of those who have carried on with this shade for quite some time before changing the shade. The best thing about this shade is that this color is not only warm but subtle as well. Furthermore, because it is not very orange or very red, this fits perfectly for fair skin.


4. Bronde

The perfect mix of light shade of blonde and brown. It gives the impression that it is a natural color growing from the root of the hair. If you may want to consider this shade, have a look at Kate Bosworth for that matter as she looks stunning in this shade and she will be inspirational to you if you’re hesitant.


5. Honey

Okay we have Kim Kardashian as well on the list for having a shade of blonde to discuss. With everyone aware about her dark roots she was born with, she hasn’t been uncertain as to why she shouldn’t use such an idea. Even for that matter, Beyonce, being similar to Kim Kardashian with respect to her roots can pull off the honey shade quite brilliantly.


6. Buttery

Talking about Beyonce, The Queen Beyonce, her light dark complexion has proved to be a boon for her. With her smashing the cameras with her sexy pictures, the one underneath shows what buttery blonde shade can do. The color comes to hit the maximum when the roots of the air have gone black, thereby it may prove to be a slow process.


7. White Blonde

A great escape for all of you looking to turn your hair into blonde. This undoubtedly suits women with fair skin. Gradually with passage of time, the natural color from the roots appears on the hair and the mixture tone complements each other. Along with this hair shade, all you need is a dark bold red lipstick to give you the cutting edge; somewhat like Tilda Swinton in ‘Only Lovers Left Alive’.

White Blonde

8. Cool Ombre

We all love Cameroon Diaz. Not only with her acting, but she has impressed us with her outfits and her hair are no exception. If you are a woman fond of lipstick and fair makeup (majority of you surely are), then this shade will just suit you perfectly. This contains different shades well within the hair thereby giving you numerous blonde shades at the same time.

Cool Ombre

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