8 Biggest Fashion Trends For Spring 2016

Spring is the season of growth and change. Unsurprisingly, the trendommeter is also marking few changes that seem to have made strong first statement already. As we are all aware, it is now time to kick out your party wear and dress for something extra cool that keeps you hip and updated to the latest trends. The trend which seems to be growing by leaps and bounds is vintage wear, same retro trend which charmed the year before. That said, other trends are not completely out of the contention as plenty of fashion houses have brought global influences in their design with lots of novelty factor. Funny as it may sound, outerwear has underwear as inspiration but everyone’s favorite print army is back in the trend season this time around too. Read on to find eight of the biggest trends for spring 2016 that will serve your fashion cause this year.

Here Are The 8 Biggest Fashion Trends For Spring 2016:

1. The Cold Shoulder

Let’s cut too the chase straightaway; very few designers have cold shouldered the cold shoulder silhouette thereby making clear that it is here to stay this year. Off the shoulder and shoulder cutouts are some trends that were incorporated in lovely dresses to give a sense of rocking spring look.

The Cold Shoulder

2. Pajama Dressing

Pajamas are not nightwear in the spring of 2016 this year. Designers have exhibited some of the trendiest ways to wear them as daytime attire even at work. The interesting and most smart thing done is the selection of right color schemes for Pajama dressing for daytime.

Pajama dressing

3. Deconstructed Oxfords

Oxford are not new to the fashion industry but what is really new are the silhouettes that have been displayed by designers to make this staple trendy and more versatile. But do stay away from trying out everything that Oxford shirt offers this spring.

Deconstructed Oxfords

4. Victorian

The trend manages to sneak into 2016 spring as well. Some of the popular patterns in this clothing are ruffles, highnecks and bows. Victorian inspired attire has the reputation for blending with casual and formal themes. There are floral, bold prints and short in length skirts too.


5. Latin Mold

Look fantastico senorita as flamenco skirts and ruffles have upped the ante for spring wear 2016. Latin silhouette is known to do justice to the color red like no other. Bold fashionista will not mind slit skirts that have been displayed by Robert Cavalli, Bluegirl to name a few.

Latin mold

6. Gucci’s Geek Girl Suits

Heavy influence of men’s suit yet filled with girlish charm naughtiness. Gucci’s mannish suits macho silhouette but the floral embroidery all through the suit and pockets give a dash of feminism. Another too good to be missed accessory is the salmon tie that can be paired with.

Gucci’s geek girl suits

7. Fruit Prints

The refreshingly surprising change this spring is the induction of fruit prints in dresses. More than strawberry and prints of other fruits, it is lemon that is ruling the roost as popular fruit print. Maxi dresses with fruit prints can be considered too.

Fruit prints

8. Crumpled Cloth

The “I don’t give a damn” statement can be inflicted best with crumpled fabric. This is an already crinkled fabric made to look that way. Some crumpled shirts can be duly worn at work as well. This spring 2016 style displayed by Givenchy, Nina Ricci spares you from early morning ironing sessions.

Crumpled cloth

The above mentioned styling tips are surely going to enhance you beauty this spring. So, try them on!

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