8 Best Ways To Include Micellar Water In Your Beauty Regimen

 Micellar Water In Your Beauty Regimen

Have you ever heard of this term Micellar Water ? If not then its time to get to know everything about it. Micellar water is made up of tiny particles of cleansing oil molecules which are called as micelles  It is being used widely nowadays for cleansing, to remove make up . It also takes care of toning and moisturizing. Seems very interesting right ? Micellar water helps to pull out and dissolve the dirt as well as other impurities from the skin . Since now you are aware of it, let me tell you it has other benefits as well. Today we will be discussing about how to use miceller water in other ways also.

Let’s Have A Look:

1. Facial Mist:

As we just discussed Miceller Water helps to cleanse, tone and moisturize the skin , it can be used as a face mist as well. Whenever you feel tired or looking for instant skin rejuvenation then just apply miceller water on your skin and it should  instantly look fresh and hydrated . Make sure you do not it on the make up.

Facial Mist

2. Double Cleansing:

Most of us love to indulge in double cleansing method to get the squeaky clean feeling. Miceller Water cleanses the skin effectively without drying it out. Hence it can be also used in double cleansing . You can use the same in the first step and follow up with the mild facial cleanser .

Double Cleansing

3. Make up Remover:

Why to spend bucks on make up remover when you have miceller water in your kitty? Miceller water helps to remove make up very effectively even from your eyes. You can even remove the water proof make up even the water proof mascara with the help of miceller water . Hence it is time to invest in a miceller water now.

Make up Remover

4. Remove False Eye Lashes:

We love to flaunt those fake eye lashes. But removing it could be very tedious . Here Miceller water comes to rescue. The method is very easy. Just dip a cotton ball in miceller water and place it over on your eye lashes. Miceller water softens the adhesive and makes it easy to remove those lashes.

Eye Lashes

5. Body Cleansing:

Like Face mist. Miceller water can be also used to freshen up your overall body skin.If will instantly refresh your body even if you do not have a time to bath. Just swipe a paper towel or cotton ball with micellar water on your body . It can be also used on your under arms to instantly refresh it. You can also use it to clean your hands if you are running out of a hand sanitizer.

Body Cleansing

6. Make Up Corrector:

you must have experienced wobbled hands while applying the liquid lipsticks or eye liner and you end up getting irritated to remove it. Next time when you have such issue, just dip a cotton ball in miceller water and swipe over it. Since it dissolves make up very well, it would effectively remove the traces of your mistakes.

Make Up Corrector

7. Fragrance Remover:

To feel fresh and smell fresh we keep applying perfumes at regular intervals. But sometimes the its smell can be very overpowering and we wish if we can get rid of it. Like make up Miceller water would also help to remove the fragrances. Just swipe a cotton ball dipped in micellar water over the fragrance.

Fragrance Remover

8. Make Up Brush Cleanser:

Most of us use the baby shampoos or other products to clean the make up brushes. Have you ever tried using Micelle water to clean it ? As we discussed miceller water removes the make up and dirt effectively, you can use the same to clean your make up brushed as well. Just take some micelle water in a bowl and swirl your brushes in it for a minute. Wipe of the excess and you are done .

Make Up Brush Cleanser

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