8 Best Makeup Ideas For Black Skin Tone

Getting the perfect kind of makeup on dark skin is just as difficult as finding the right products. Choosing the right products with proper undertones and then using them is a task in itself. The mainstream makeup industry is focused too much on the fairer shades and tricks for makeup on a darker skin tone are generally ignored. Although, now with various popular brands coming out with exclusive collections for dark skin tones is changing that situation. There are a few go-to makeup ideas for darker skin tones that look absolutely ravishing and don’t take too much of a skill either.

Here Are 8 Best Makeup Ideas For Black Skin Tone

1. Foundation

Perfecting the natural look takes some time. The idea of using makeup and still looking like you have not used makeup comes only with practice. This makeup basically focuses on hiding the imperfections on the skin and allowing your natural skin tone to shine with the use of a little product. So the key is to not use too many colors or shades. No use of reds or pinks is needed for this look. Use a foundation and a neutral tone lip color. A little mascara and eyeliner go a long way in giving you that twinkle.


2. The Lipstick

This is another one of those classy looks that goes well with any occasion. Whether it is a school event or a business meeting, this look is perfect. The most important part of this look are the lips. A vibrant red color on the lips makes the eyes shine. So focus on the lips and eyes. A natural tone foundation without any blush is recommended. Go for the reddest red available out there and indulge in some heavy eye makeup, albeit without the use of any color except black.

The Lipstick

3. The Blushed Cheeks Look

Well, this one is all about those accentuated cheeks. Go for the most vivacious looking red you can find on your makeup rack and generously add blush to your cheek bones. The rest of the makeup can be a little mellow so that the emphasis on the cheeks is bold enough. This is great for a party or a formal evening event where you have to be in your best attire.

The Blushed Cheeks Look

4. Eye Shadow

The Lupita Nyong’o look! This woman is the fashion idol of our generation. The finesse with which she carries her looks is no less than brilliant. This particular look includes a bold eye shadow. She has used the sky blue colored shade but you can pick any color you want and still end up looking just as amazing. Some eye shadow color recommendations are sea green, orange and a darker shade of blue.

Eye Shadow

5. The Blue Lips Look

So, this is again a picture of Lupita Nyong’o. Here all the attention is on the lips. Choose the wackiest color of lip color you can and then use it on your lips. A matching eye shadow is optional but if you want to go for that symmetrical look, then that looks pretty great too. Team your makeup with some really huge earrings for the best outcome. And an up hairdo always goes well with basically any makeup.

The Blue Lips Look

6. The Colorful Look

Now this look is all about colors. There are some really nice colors that go wonderfully well with black skin. Whether it is a dark red or pink or even blue. I f done properly the makeup involving a lot of colors can end up looking very beautiful. Go for this look on a nice date or an evening party and pair it with a shiny new dress.

The Colorful Look

7. The Shiny Eye Look

This look has all its attention and focus on the eyes. That’s right. Go for a really mellow and neutral looking make up for the rest of your face and choose the brightest shade of eye shadow for your eyes. The key is really the vibrancy of the eye shadow. It can be great at a costume party or Halloween or even a normal Thursday girl’s night out.

The Shiny Eye Look

8. The Bridal Look

Okay, so the name of this makeup idea is the bridal look but it can actually be worn anywhere on any occasion. The classy red lipstick and the subtle eye makeup are the selling points of this look. It is a great way to dress up if you have to attend a formal event or participate in an important meeting with a client.

The Bridal Look

These makeup ideas are going to  make your look vibrant and different. Try them out and see the difference.



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