8 Best Holographic Nail Polish Trends

 Nail Polish Trends

Every day, we wake up with a new trends emerging in nail paints, lipsticks, hair colors and much more. The holographic nails are one of the emerging and loved nail trends. If you think that colored, powdered and glitzy nail paints look tacky, here are the stunning holographic nails to change your thoughts forever! The holographic nails include beautiful shades, the glitzy feel and a beautiful art of shading which would make your nails look flattering! You will surely get obsessed with the mesmerizing shades and heart melting effect of holographic nails! Here are some trendy and cool holographic nail variations which you can try this season and make you nails look adorable!

1. Geometric Triangular Holographic Nails:

We love this dark, lavish and colorful variation of holographic nails which can redefine your nails in a dreamy way! This picture perfect variation of holographic nails is worth a try. If you love the geometric prints with the combination of classy shades, here is the dark galaxy manicure which needs a try. The holographic effect and the stunning galaxy dark glittery shades would make your hands and legs look perfectly manicured for any occasion!

Geometric Triangular Holographic Nails

2. Pastel Peach Glittery Holographic Nails:

If you love the elegance and charm of peach shade and want to stick to a single shade for stunning results, here is a peachy variation which would make your nails look perfectly polishes and lavish! Especially, if you have stilettos, the peach holographic nail art would take your nails to a brand new level! Upgrade your nail art statement with this rocking trend and look gorgeous!

Pastel Peach Glittery Holographic Nails

3. Rainbow Holographic Nails:

If you want a refreshing and cool variation of holographic nails, here is a lavish nail art which would fill you with colors. The rainbow holographic nail art is the most trending and loved nail art this season. The bright and glittering shades in this nail art would suit all the occasions and make your nails look fabulous! Try this and rock your beautiful nails as a pro with this high impact nail art!

 Rainbow Holographic Nails

4. Colourful Holographic Nails:

If you want something simple and still unique, this holographic nail art would get you all! Stick with different shades, create a beautiful dotted hologram and make your nails look super cute! This beautiful single color holographic feel with glitzy touch would make your nails look lavish this season. Experiment with beautiful shades like pastels, blues, pink, lavender etc and let your nails shine! We assure you would love the results of this picture perfect variation!

Colourful Holographic Nails


5. Silver Holographic Nail Art:

If you are obsessed with silvery colors, here is a lavish and extremely eye pleasing nail art variation which you would love. This iconic and dreamy holographic nail variation simply would turn your nails classy. The richness of silver shade with the holographic touch would make it shine and rock! For a classy, rich and royal feel, this is one of the best variations to try! Pamper your nails with this beautiful silver shiny nail art and flaunt them with pride!

Silver Holographic Nail Art

6. Framed Rainbow Holographic Nails:

If you love textured and geometric nails, here is a beautiful combination of rainbow nails with the classy framing. The holographic nails covered with a black and white coating is a unique idea which looks adorable. Fill your nails with the stunning rainbow holographic nails and frame it with the beautiful black and white shades for a redefined look. This is one of the most trending and coolest forms of holographic nails!

Framed Rainbow Holographic Nails

7. Classic Purple Holographic Nails:

If you have those stunning stilettos of beautiful rounded nails, this lavish shade would never fail to enhance the beauty of your nails. Clean, beautifully manicured and perfectly colored nails are always the highlight! If you want the same effect on your nails, here are the most trendy and coolest shades which you can experiment with. Purple shade would not only make your hands look clean and addictive but will also make the holographic nail arts look classier! Try this beautiful and stunning variation with purple and look adorable!

Classic Purple Holographic Nails

8. Diamond Holographic Nail Art Colours:

We love this fabulous and stunning creation which makes you part ready. This beautiful and unique nail art is simply awesome and would completely rock at every party and event! If you are obsessed with the glittery and shiny look, this is the nail art variation which would make you use black, silver, white and such classic shades. Try this beautiful variation and rock your stylish nail art look this season with the most famous trends!

Diamond Holographic Nail Art Colours

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