8 Best Hairstyles For The Spring

The spring season marks the end of harsh winters and the beginning of summers. The cold weather is replaced with a pleasantly warm climate. The fashion and hairstyle of this season are different from the winters when we remain covered in woolens and sweaters. We don’t go out so much in the cold season by as soon as the weather becomes warm we start preparing for going outdoors more. More events are organized in the spring. Choose a hairstyle according to the latest style ad trends of the spring. We will tell you about some hairstyles for this season.

Following Are The 8 Best Hairstyles For The Spring

1. Braid Halo Hairstyle

Braid Halo is the latest hairstyle of the spring season. To create this hairstyle, braids are made in the hair and then it is wrapped or tied on top of the crown to encircle the top of the forehead. It helps in making a hair halo. Lower the braid from the hairline area so that it is visible in front.

Braid Halo Hairstyle

2. Cameron Diaz Side Bangs

Follow the hairstyle of Cameron Diaz in which instead of the usual bangs in front, the bangs are towards the side. The hair is cut in short layered bob. The layers are cut long. Besides this, there are long bangs on the sides of the hair.[2]

Cameron Diaz Side Bangs

3. Christian Siriano Waves Hairstyle

The Christian Siriano hairstyle is for the upcoming spring season next year. To get this hairstyle, wet the hair with water to make it look damp. After that, rub hair oil on the strands. Make a center parting in the hair. Let the hair fall back straight behind the body. Create waves from the center portion of the hair up to the ending part. Do this with a barrel curler. To finish the look, apply hair spray.[3]

Christian Siriano Waves Hairstyle

4. Buzzcut Hairstyle

The buzzcut hairstyle is the latest trend of this year’s spring season. It is meant for people who have the courage to look bold and modern. The hair is cut very short almost like cropped hair. It looks just like shaven hair with a few stubs of hair visible on the head. This is a new hairstyle of fashion world this year.

Buzzcut Hairstyle

5. Sleek Ponytail

A simple hairstyle with a sleek ponytail looks good in the spring. Instead of having the usual thick pony, make a high ponytail on the head. Use a flat iron on the hair. For giving a sleek look, apply hair oil on the hair and on the ponytail. It will help in keeping the hair away from your face.


Sleek Ponytail

6. Michelle William’s Short Pixie Hairstyle

Try Michelle William’s hairstyle with a pixie cut. In this type of hairstyle, the hair is cut in a short pixie style. This is a modern Hollywood type hairstyle. Besides this, the hair is cut in textured layers for avoiding an awkward growth in them.[6]

Michelle William’s Short Pixie Hairstyle

7. Fishtail Braid Hairstyle

Lowkey fishtail hairstyle is a casual hairdo and it is very easy to make. To get this look first rub mousse on the hair roots. This will make more volume in the hair. Use a hair dryer to blow-dry the hair. Make a center parting in the hair. Make two fishtail braids on each side of the hair. Let the hair strands come out of the hair. Close with an elastic band. Use fingers for loosening the braid.


Fishtail Braid Hairstyle

8. Choker Tucked Hairstyle

Choker hair look involves the choker jewelry we wear on our neck. Sometimes, instead of the real jewelry, accessories like scarves are used as a choker. Tie the scarf in the neck wrapping it tightly. After that, tuck the hair into the scarf to secure it with its fabric. Also, you can tuck the hair into a real choker jewelry worn on the neck.


Choker Tucked Hairstyle

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