8 Best Hair Color Shades For Women With Dusky Complexion

Hair Color Shades

Hair coloring, whether to cover up the greys or flaunt your hair in style, is the trend today. There are so many shades you can choose from a catalogue and the hundreds of beautiful shades are so confusing when you have to make a choice that would suit your complexion and style because a wrong choice will make you stick out like a sore thumb. Again, it is more challenging when you have dark or dusky skin tone.  To make things easier for you, here we have listed few beautiful hair color options that would highlight your features and add more charm to your dusky look. Have a look to know more about the shades.

Hair Colors For Women With Dusky Complexion:

1. Chocolate Brown:

The chocolate brown color might sound dark, but in reality, is a shade that suits almost all skin tones including dusky complexion. Especially, when you have brown eyes, this hair color would make you one fashion goddess. For a more fun and flirty look, go for highlights with light brown on the top and chocolate brown face framing locks.

Chocolate Brown

2. Brunette:

Brunette is another good choice of hair color when you have dark skin. The lighter hue goes well with ash brown, gold, etc and will make your hair look shiny and attractive. Long hair colored evenly with brunette is all sufficient to take your look to another level. Again, the color takes years off you and will make you cut a dash anywhere you go.


3. Cinnamon Brown:

If you are looking to add more radiance to your dusky skin tone with your hair color then cinnamon brown is the best. The combination of the red, burgundy and brown hues in the cinnamon brown color is what makes the color striking and extraordinary. It looks good with light brown highlights as well.

Cinnamon Brown

4. Red:

Red is bold yet choosing the right red tone is a simple trick to highlight the features of a dusky beauty, no doubt. Cherry red, auburn red, dark red, maroon, deep wine all add a nice warm look to dusky skin tone. In addition, red is low maintenance and looks good even if the color wears off.



5. Blonde:

Blonde is something that suits both fair and dark skin complexion very well. Especially, when you have dark skin tone, blonde hair colors such as honey, golden, etc bring out the texture of your skin better and will make you look elegant. To look chic and up to the minute, go for dark streaks on blonde.


6. Mix And Match:

You can mix and match 2 different hair colors that complements each other like for instance dark blue and pink. This exotic combination looks sensual and suits those with dusky skin very well. You will definitely make the heads turn with the amazing hair color anywhere you go.

Mix And Match

7. Ombre:

Ombre effects are quite common these days, as it gives a perfect faded look. You can go for two different shades on two different sections of the hair. Try out the gorgeous brown Ombre look by having dark brown shade applied on the upper half, which gradually fades to lighter brown shade in the lower half of the hair. This hair color perfectly suits those with tanned to brown skin complexion.


8. Pink:

A touch of pink hue on the dark hair will instantly elevate your style quotient. You either go for pink highlights or a pink dip color wherein only the ends of your hair will be colored. The pink hue looks pretty on those with dusky skin and is perfect for summers.


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