8 Best Compound Exercises To Build Strong Shoulders

Compound Exercises

Men love to build those amazing broad and tough shoulders which would look perfectly awesome. Men generally prefer the posture with broad shoulders and sleek body which can look flattering. For the broad shoulders, you need to follow a specific workout routine which can get you the desirable body. It is not easy to build broad and heavy shoulder quickly. You would need proper diet rich with proteins, a set of workouts which can make your shoulders look broad and build up muscles and would also require smooth exclusive moves for shoulder toning. For exclusive strength and big shoulders, here are some amazing workouts which you need to perform. These workouts would apply stress and tension over your shudders and would simply contribute in building enviable shoulders soon. Include these workouts in your regime and get stunning muscles soon!

1. Face Pulls:

Pulling can get your shoulder muscles more string and sharp. The face pulls would simply make your shoulders more crisp, sharp and muscular. Working on your delts, biceps and entire upper body muscles, this workout would simply make your body amazing. Try face pulls daily and get your body an amazing twist of redefined muscles and crazy delts!

Face Pulls

2. Overhead Shoulder Presses With Barbells:

We love this amazing workout which would simply never fail to get you amazing benefits. If you want to sculpt your amazing shoulders, perform the overhead presses with the barbells. This is an amazing workout which you can perform while sitting. This is a seated shoulder press workout which can get you perfect shoulders. The shoulder presses would simply build up the shoulders and make your arms stronger. If you like strong and stunning muscles, nothing would work as miraculously as this amazing workout. Get the dumbbells in your hands and perform the presses. This would build up the delts and shoulder muscles quickly! Try this and get amazing shoulders in some time.

Overhead Shoulder Presses With Barbells



3. Dumbbell Front Raise:

This is a cool workout with single hand raises which can build amazing shoulders. Get two dumbbells in both your hands. Raise one after each hand in the front. These raises would simply build up shoulder muscles and would make you look adorable. You can try one after the other or both arms raised with the dumbbells. For strength and flexibility perform this workout regularly!

Dumbbell Front Raise

4. Side Lateral Raise With Dumbbell:

The side raises are important in building monster shoulders. For the broad, tight and stunning muscular shoulders, go for this amazing side lateral raise and get desirable results. The side lateral raises would sharpen your body and get your arms stronger day by day. You can get immense strength and flexibility with this amazing workout. Grab the dumbbells in your both hands and raise them in the sides. This would get your shoulders built in an amazing way!

Side Lateral Raise With Dumbbell

5. Dumbbell Bent Over Raises:

If you want to focus on your back as well on your shoulders, this is the most amazing workout which would can try. The bent over raises would simply build you amazing delts and string muscles. Grab the dumbbells, bent over and then perform the raise with the dumbbells. This would get you amazing muscles and cool arms in just few days! This is one o the most amazing and high impact workouts for building cool shoulders!

Dumbbell Bent Over Raises

6. Chin-Ups:

Chin ups are awesome along with the shoulders, if you want to build up the arms, biceps and delts, you can try this amazing workout and get dazzling results. The chin ups would get your shoulders amazingly strong and would build biceps along with shoulders. Try this flawless workout daily and this would get you amazing benefits over your shoulders!


7. Pushups:

This is an amazing workout which can get you cool shoulder muscles. Pushups are amazing and would help in building the upper body in a cool way. The upper body workout like pushups would simply help in strengthening the arms, biceps, shoulders and delts in an easy way. Go for the pushups and fall in love with your newly sculpted body. Try this and get miraculous results. There are various pushup variations which you can try and focus on your shoulders for amazing results.


8. One Arm Dumbbell Rows:

This is one of the amazing workouts which can get you flawless results. The one arm dumbbell row would get your arms, biceps, and shoulders strong in a beautiful way. You can include this workout in your workout routine which would transform your body and get shocking results. This is one of the high impact workouts which you must try for cool shoulders!

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