8 Benefits Of Dry Brushing

Benefits Of Dry Brushing

Skin pore help in excreting toxins from the body. Brushing your skin in a particular pattern with a brush is known as dry brushing. This process is usually done before showers. The process of dry brushing helps in unclogging the pores and facilitates easy secretion of toxins from the skin. Dry brushing requires mpa brush made up of natural bristles with long handle that helps you reach all parts of the body. You should start brushing from your feet and start extending towards the heart. It is advised to do the dry brushing two times a day to enjoy a cleansed skin.

Some Of The Important Benefits Of Dry Brushing Are Listed Below

Exfoliation Of Skin

This process helps in removing the dead cells from the skin without any use of scrubs or other exfoliating agents. Thereby reduces the expenditure for exfoliation. The process of dry brushing will help you have a silky smooth skin with less expenditure.

Exfoliation Of Skin

Stimulation Of Lymphatic System

The process of dry brushing will help in stimulating the lymphatic system. The strong bristles of the brush will help in kick starting the lymphatic system of the body. Lymph is a slow moving fluid beneath the skin that helps in removing metabolic wastes from the body. The dry brushing will help in stimulating the network of nerves beneath the skin that in turn helps in improving blood circulation and helps in unclogging the skin pore. The stimulation of the lymphatic system is essential because this system governs the elimination of cellular waste products from the body.

Stimulation Of Lymphatic System

Breaks Cellulite

Cellulite formation is because of lymph congestion. The process of dry brushing helps in removing the deposits of fat by stimulating the metabolism and increasing the blood circulation. Proper circulation of blood and metabolism helps in breaking down the fatty deposits or toxins into the blood and release the waste material through the skin pores. Dry brushing helps in softening the hard fat deposited beneath the skin and enables even distribution of fat in the body. Therefore it is considered as an alternative for liposuction.


Provides Relief From Stress

When dry brushing is done in a quiet and peaceful environment it helps in calming the mind and reducing the stress on the muscles. Therefore providing a nice meditating effect and reducing the stress you are prone to.


Improves Digestion And Kidney Function

Dry brushing helps in giving a deeper support to your digestive system and its organs. It is scientifically proven and many doctors suggest dry brushing as a remedy to help with bloating because massaging the lymph nodes will help in releasing the excess water and toxins from the body.


Provides Soft Skin

Dry brushing helps in increasing the blood circulation to the body which helps in getting a glowing skin. The process of rigorous brushing helps in the even spread of the oils secreted by the skin which enables equal moisture and removal of dead cells. Dead cells are responsible for dull skin. Therefore removal of dead cells will automatically enhance the radiance of the skin. The removal of dry skin will help in achieving a soft and smooth skin.

Provides Soft Skin

Increased Circulation

The process of dry brushing increases the circulation of blood beneath the skin which facilitates the elimination of cellular wastes and enables a bright skin.

Increased Circulation

Rejuvenates Nervous System

This process helps in stimulating the nerve endings in the skin that rejuvenates the nervous system and enables proper functioning of it.

nervous system

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