8 Bangs Hairstyles For Round Faces

8 Bangs Hairstyles For Round Faces

Women who have a round face look very beautiful and feminine especially when they have dimpled cheeks. It is always better to choose a hairstyle that suits the shape of the face. The bangs hairstyle is a very good choice for round faces as it helps in hiding the imperfection of the face. Bangs gives an oval shape to the face while reducing or hiding the roundness. It makes the face look longer. Bangs with vertical lines elongates the face. There are many types of bangs hairstyles that you can make on a round face. We will suggest some suitable hairstyles for this.

Following are the 8 bangs hairstyles for round faces.

1. Bangs For Straight Hair

Bangs For Straight Hair involves getting a medium level haircut up to the level of the shoulders on straight hair. Curl the hair near the face. Cut fringe of bangs in front of the face and highlight them with a caramel hair color.

 Bangs For Straight Hair

2. Textured Bangs

Textured Bangs are a suitable style for a round face like the hairstyle of Ginnifer Goodwin. Get a bangs haircut with a choppy short cut. Let the bangs reach the eyebrow level on the face. Give texture to the bangs for reducing the roundness of the face. Turn the bangs towards the side for adding height to the hair. Let there be some hair near the ear.

 Textured Bangs

3. Glamour Bangs

The Glamour Bangs gives an edgy and classic look to a round face. For this hairstyle, get a long haircut with side swept bangs. Add long extensions to the hair. For styling the hair, make a side parting in the hair. Straighten the hair with a hair straightener after dividing it into sections. Flip the hair ends away from face to get a glamorous look.

Glamour Bangs

4. Wavy and Thick Bangs

Wavy and Thick Bangs hairstyle is ideal for getting a Brooklyn girl look. For this hairstyle, get a medium level haircut up to the shoulders on thick hair. Make waves in the hair. Cut bangs in the hair and mess them after creating waves.

Wavy and Thick Bangs

5. Side-Swept Bangs

Get a Side-Swept Bangs hairstyle like Kirsten Dunst. For this, get a long haircut with bangs. Let the bangs touch the level of your eyelashes from where the hair falls diagonally up to the cheekbones. Thus, the roundness of the face is reduced due to the diagonal line of the haircut. Turn the bangs towards the side to get a side swept look.

 Side-Swept Bangs

6. Elegant And Elongating Hairstyle

Elegant And Elongating Hairstyle is an ideal look for elongating the face. Get a long haircut with exaggerated bangs. Make a side pony on one side of the hair and tousle the pong with your fingers. For styling the hair, make a side parting in the hair with bangs. Divide hair into several parts and curl them with the help of a hair curler. Turn the hair towards the side near the shoulders. Leave a strand of hair hanging on the opposite side with short hair. Finish the hairstyle by applying a hold finishing spray on the hair.

Elegant And Elongating Hairstyle

7. Side Bangs With Curls 

The Curled Side Bangs is a suitable hairstyle for thick hair. For this look, get a short asymmetrical haircut with bangs on the longer hair side. Curl the bangs and turn them towards the side. Let the hair on the opposite side be straight and smooth. Color the hair with a maroon hair color.

Side Bangs With Curls

8. Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs for a round face is a hairstyle like that of Cameron Diaz. For this, get bangs haircut with an off center parting in the hair. It elongates the face diagonally. Let the bangs hang downwards while adding slight volume in the hair. The bangs should reach the level of your jawline.


Curtain Bangs

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