8 Amazing Tricks To Make Your Small Eyes Looking Bigger

Big and beautiful long eyes are something every girl dreams for! But not all the women are blessed with thick, Beautiful and big eyes! If you are one of them, please don’t worry as here we are with some promising and revolutionary tips which you can use for your eyes! The main motive here is to apply makeup and use the products which can create a big eye look and make your eyes look bold, popped and flawless! These are some expert tips on redefining your eyes for a brighter, clear and popped up look! Make your eyes look killer and mesmerizing with these awesome eye makeup tricks which will make your eyes look big and admirable!

Make your eyes look killer and mesmerizing with these awesome eye makeup tricks which will make your eyes look big and admirable!

1. Cleanse And Nourish Your Eyes

Have you ever witnessed the puffy, baggy and swollen eyes which make your eyes look small and tiny? This can happen straight when you wake up and try applying makeup but notice that the eyes look immensely tiny! For making your eyes look bigger, it is important to fight bagginess and swollen eyes! For this, apply a night pact or under eye repair products which can cleanse your eyes and reduce swelling while making your eyes naturally big!

2. Start With Covering Under Eye Impairments

Now, for a bigger eye look, you need to fight all the impairments which can make your eyes look undesirable, dull or tiny. The first culprit here is the black under eyes. The dark circles and blemishes can be easily reduced by using a primer for setting and a concealer for covering! First set the primer which will give an even toned look under the eye and then apply the concealer! This would brighten up your dark eyes and make them look pop!

3. Remove The Extra Eyebrow Hair And Shape It

The area around the eyes must allow some space to the eyes for looking huge! If you have undone eyebrows, your eyebrows and eye makeup together will make your eyes look small and thus, here is an awesome trick you can use. Pluck all the extra eyebrow hair from the eyelids and clean the area. Then sculpt your eyebrows which will give your eyes a huge open area to look big and beautiful!

4. Apply A Light Eye Shadow

These were the tricks to manually brighten up your eyes and make them look big while here is the makeup usage for bright and beautiful bold eyes! Start with a lightly shaded eye shadow. When you use the shades which can easily mix with your skin tone, the eyes would look more clean and perfect! Thus, use the shades like skin color, cream, light golden etc to shadow your eyes and give your eyes a perfect space to look huge!

5. Don’t Forget The Mascara And Lash Curling

It’s now time to experiment with the mascara. The mascaras have a very important role to play in brightening and making your eyes look big! When you apply the curling mascara to your eyes, your lashes would ooze out and look huge which will give your eyes a bolder and unique look! Thus, before applying the liner, firstly apply a waterproof thickening mascara which can give dark and bold lashes while use the curler to make your lashes look long and stunning! This will give a broad and zoomed view of your eyes which will make it look big!

6. Apply Black Liner On The Upper Lid

Eye liner can simply have a great impact on your eyes. Choosing the right shades will simply make your eyes look popped and marvelous! If you are wondering how, here is the perfect way! Apply a bold black line on the watery lining of your upper eyelid. This will add some color and will frame your eyes! The liner just framing your lashes will make your eyes look popped and big! Thus go for a black liner and frame your eyes to look huge!

7. Apply White Liner On The Lower Lid

If you don’t know this, the perfect framing of white liner in the lower lid will make your eyes look mesmerizingly big! Cover your lower eye lid with a beautiful white liner and if you with for a bolder look, frame the white liner with a black liner! This will give a perfectly bold and huge appeal to your eyes!


8. Use Light Shimmer Under Your Eyes And In The Inner Corners

You must have noticed women giving a shimmery and glorious look under eyes and in the corners. This is because the bright and shimmery finish to these areas will simply pop your eyes and will perfectly make your eyes look big! Thus use a glitter shadow to dab under the eyes and in the inner corners!

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