8 Amazing Natural Home Remedies To Prevent Gray Hair

Home Remedies To Prevent Gray Hair

Every one wants to be look beautiful in which their appearance is most important , each and every parts of the body is so important in which hair plays an important role , black thick and silky hair are ideal and every one wants it , but as the life style changes hair problems started due to pollution , improper diet , harsh shampoo and many other things. grey colour is also the major problem in which colour of the hair change to grey to black and then it will become white.

Here Are Some Of The Things By Which You Can Prevent Your Hair From Discolouring:

1- Curry Leaves

Curry leaves are the best for the hair problems it has the vitamin B which has the property of making the colour of the hair black it also prevent hair fall , take 1 cup of the coconut hair oil and add as many of the leaves of the curry ,now boil it and cool it now apply this mixture on the hair and massage your hair gently now leave it for the night and then in the morning clean it with the herbal shampoo, this will nourish your hair and also make your hair black.

Curry Leaves

2- Indian Gooseberry And Fenugreek

Indian gooseberry is best herbal remedy for all kinds of hair problems , it has the vitamin C which is best anti ageing properties and helps the scalp in preventing the hair colouring , we are using fenugreek seeds which is normally give the black colour , take coconut oil boil it then add the powder form of the fenugreek seeds and then add 5-6 slices of the amla now boil it for at least 1/2 hours , now cool it down , use it in the night and clean it in the morning.

Indian Gooseberry and Fenugreek

3- Lemon And The Almond

Lemon is rich content of the vitamin C and this is most useful for the hair growth while almond has vitamin E which is good for anti ageing properties and also good for the hair , take the lemon juice and the almond juice mix it well and then apply it on the scalp of the hair for at least 30 minutes , then leave it for 20 minute and then clean it with the herbal shampoo.

lemon and the almond

4- Black Tea

Black tea has the antioxidants properties it is good for the cancer treatment and this can be used for the hair colour this give strength to the hair and also prevent the hair fall and the dandruff problem , take a bowl of the water and boil it now add 2 spoon of the black tea now add 1 spoon of the salt into it now boil it for at least 15 minutes now filter the water and wash your hair with this solution, this will black your hair.

Black Tea (2)

5- Onion And The Lemon

Onion is best anti oxidant property and this also used for the black colour , this also gives strength to the hair it has the vitamin E and the lemon has the vitamin C which also nourishes the hair and also remove the dandruff and the white fungus, mix the juice of the onion and the lemon , now massage it direct to the scalp and leave it for the 20 minutes ,now rinse your hair , do this therapy twice a week for good results.

onion and the lemon

6- Rosemary And Sage

Rosemary and the sage both are used for the hair treatment , this will stop the hair fall , dandruff and also have the ability to stop premature the grey colour , add dried rosemary and sage in 200 ml of the water and then boil the mixture for at least 30 minutes and then cool it for 2-3 hours , then gently massage your scalp with the mixture of this and leave it as it will completely dry now rinse your hair with the mild shampoo , this will dark your hair.

rosemary and sage

7- Ribbed Gourd

This is the vegetable and we can eat it and we can use it as the hair treatment and also prevent the hair colouring , take the ribbed gourd and dry it in the sun light now take the coconut oil and dipped the dry ribbed gourd into it for 5-6 days and then boil the coconut oil for at least 10 minutes , now cool it and then apply this oil on the hair , now leave it for completely dry and then rinse all of the hair , now this will dark your hair.

Ribbed gourd

8- Buttermilk

Buttermilk and the curry leaves together make a good treatment for the premature grey colouring because this mixture contains the lactic acid which is good for the black hair , mix the curry leaves and the buttermilk , make a creamy paste and apply it directly to the scalp and leave it for at least 30 Min and then rinse it with the mild shampoo , this will give black colour to the hair.


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