8 Amazing Benefits Of Honey For Hair Growth

Benefits Of Honey For Hair Growth

Time and again we look for new and different ways to improve our beauty regime. This includes opting for the most natural ingredients that can be composed effectively into homemade skin and hair care solutions. One of these natural ingredients is Honey. We have a list of daily hair care woes that lead to unwarranted hair fall and unhealthy hair that lacks bounce and sheen. Here are some of the benefits of honey for your hair to combat all these woes on a daily basis for a sustainable period of time.

Natural Hair Softener

Honey is known to be an emollient. This means it is a natural softener of hair follicles and shaft. This will help you keep the frizz away from your hair and also will ensure that your hair stays well conditioned and smooth. Just rinse your hair with some honey post wash. For best results let it sit for a while for your hair sacks to absorb the goodness. Then wash it off with lukewarm water thoroughly.

Honey Is A Natural Hair Softener

Natural Source of Anti-oxidants

It is a natural antioxidant, so it contains the right amount of rejuvenating nutrients that helps improve the pH balance of the scalp and provide the perfect stimuli to the hair follicles which is necessary for a healthy growth. This property also helps in case of hair loss due to ageing and similar problems. Anti oxidants help control the prevalence of free radicals in our bodies. These free radicals can also be the cause of hair troubles and sometimes acute hair loss. Honey, both internally and externally helps fight this scenario and builds better immunity.

Honey Improves The Ph Balance Of The Scalp

Natural Nourishment

Honey is also belongs to the category of humectants. It helps retain the moisture content of our scalp and prevents the dryness that may lead to dandruff and itchy scalp. This property is due to the presence of high sugar content which helps retain moisture for a longer period of time. This will ensure that the hair is lively and healthy, instead of drying out and becoming limp.

Honey Helps To Prevent Dry Hair

Anti –Bacterial Properties

Honey has various components in it that helps keep away infectious diseases like psoriasis and other similar bacterial infections possible on our scalp. Therefore it ensures a cleaner and healthier scalp.

Honey Helps To Keep Away Infectious Diseases

Antiseptic Properties

Along with its regenerative powers it also proves to be an anti septic in case of scalp infestations. It is soft and highly effective just from the first usage. Owing to its stickiness the layers of infections come off very easily.

Honey Has Antiseptic Properties

Naturally Lustrous Locks

Over long periods of exposure to the sun rays and pollution levels in the air, our hair and scalp loses its vitality and the hair becomes limp and shine less. To restore your hair’s natural glory apply honey for about half an hour and gradually over weeks experience the shine returning back to you.

In Sun Rays Hair Becomes Limp & Shine Less

Prevents Pre-mature Graying

A healthy and nourished hair and scalp will ensure that there are no chances of premature graying of hair. However, it must also be followed up by a good diet. Honey will make the difference both internally and externally.

Honey Prevents Prevents Pre-mature Graying

Prevents Hair Loss And Hair Breakage

Honey is a good carrier agent for all types of hair packs and hair spa treatments. Along with that it helps ensure the non recurrence of split ends and breakage of hair. This is especially true for cases where a person has been recovering from illness, or under prolonged medication, or even nursing post partum. It has all the essential compounds that ensure the nutrients are properly distributed to the scalp follicles. Natural ingredients are always the perfect saviors to every kind of problems that our bodies face on a regular basis. So try out honey for sweetly supple scalp and shiny hair.

Honey Prevents Hair Loss & Hair Breakage

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