7 Yoga Poses For Post Dinner

We all know the manifold benefits of yoga and the ones who are regular in doing ths asanas are equally rewarded with its manifold benefits. Yoga works wonders for every part of the body- both internally and externally. It even helps one to get rid of the negative emotions. You must have heard that one should not exercise post dinner. But, practicing these asanas need to be done after your last meal of the day t help in good digestion. So start from today to get rid of any kind of indigestion problem

Here Are 7 Yoga Poses For Post Dinner

1. Seated Twist

Sit in staff pose to bend the right knee and to place the right foot on the floor to your left thigh. Keep your left leg straight or bend it to place the left heel under the right glute. Now, turn the torso to the right to take the right hand behind the sacrum. Wrap the left arm around the right leg and the right hand on the sacrum. Inhale and take the left arm outside the right thigh. Breathe deeply for 2 minutes and do the same for the other side. This pose helps to release air from the belly and detoxify the inner organs.

Seated Twist

2. Child’s Pose

Kneel on the floor and sit on your heels, then slowly separate your knees at hip width. Exhale and slowly bring the torso between the thighs. Stretch your tailbone from the back of the pelvis and lift the skull away from the neck. Place the hands on the floor with the palms up and the front of the shoulders on the floor. Stay in this pose for a minute. This pose helps in good blood flow and the release of essential hormones for proper digestion of food.

child pose

3. Extended Triangle Pose

Stand straight with feet comfortably wide apart. Turn your right foot out in 90 degrees and left foot in by 15 degrees. Align the center of your right heel with the centre of arch of the left foot. Inhale deeply. While exhaling bend your body to the right downward from the hips, waist straight, left hand in the air and right hand touching the floor. Both the arms should be in a straight line. Your pelvis and chest should be wide open. Stretch maximum and be steady. As you inhale, bring the arms down to your side and straighten your feet. Repeat the same for the other side. This pose helps in reducing fat from the sides of the body, stretches the upper body and helps in good digestion too.

Extended Triangle Pose

4. Head To Knee Forward Bend

Sit straight with the legs extended in front of you. Bend the right knee to bring the right foot against the inner left thigh with the right heel touching below the pubic bone. Now, hold the left foot with both your hands and try touching the stomach on the ground and your nose on the extended leg that is stretched in front of you. Stay in this pose for a minute and then do the same for the other leg. Breathe normally while doing this asana. This pose helps in good digestion and getting menses regularly.

Head To Knee Forward Bend

5. Fire Log Pose

Sit on the edge of your yoga mat with the knees bent and feet on the floor. Slide the left foot under the right leg to the outside of the right hip. Place the right leg on the left. Now, press through the heels and spread the toes for bringing the front torso long and folding it from the groins. Keep the hands on the floor in front of the shins. Inhale to let the torso rise slightly and to lengthen the pubis to the sternum. Hold this pose for a minute and breathe deeply while doing so.

Fire Log Pose

6. Supported Shoulder Stand

Lie down flat on your back with the legs extended and arms on your side. Slowly bend the knees and place the feet on the floor. As you inhale, lift the abdominal muscles and hips from the floor and the knees toward the torso by curling the torso. Then, lift the hips slowly to make the torso go perpendicular to the floor. Bend the elbows to place the hands on the lower back. Keep the elbows on the ground at shoulder width. Also lift the thighs so that they are vertical to the floor. Bring the shoulders, hips and feet in one line and do not turn the head. Hold this pose for a minute. To release the pose, slowly lower the feet to the ground and bring one vertebra at a time to the ground. This pose is good for the spine and helps in good digestion, in releasing bowel and air out from the stomach and also to relieve stress.

Supported Shoulder Stand

7. Plow Pose

Lie on the back with the arms by the side and palms facing downwards. Inhale and use the abdominal muscles to lift the feet from the floor by keeping the legs at a 90 degree angle. Support the hips and back with the hands to make them go off the ground. Make the legs sweep a 180 degree angle to make the toes touch the floor above your head. Breathe normally and stay in this pose for a minute. While releasing yourself from this pose, bring the legs down to the floor. This pose helps to tone the muscles, helps in good digestion, helps in getting regular period as well.

Plow Pose



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