7 wonderful beauty and makeup tips for women over 50

Women of the modernized world are too much conscious about their makeup and gorgeous look but when their age reaches the benchmark of 50, they worry lot about it because at such stage normal makeup fails to hide their age. However, it is not a daunting task for old age women over 50 to attain younger look of a 20 year girl with a makeup. They only need to add some beauty tweaks so as to make their look youthful and more radiant. Here are some special effective makeup tips for women over 50 years of age which will definitely enhance their natural beauty and will help them to achieve more age-defying for longer time.

Here Are 7 Wonderful Beauty And Makeup Tips For Women Over 50

1. Apply Tinted Primer

For a young looking makeup, you needs to start it with application of a branded anti-aging cream over facial skin followed by applying a tinted primer to your creamy skin. Primer application is a wonderful activity that hides as well as it smooths the dark spots, wrinkles and fine lines present on facial skin comfortably which in turn prevents falling of foundation into the cracks.

Apply Tinted Primer

2. Apply Only Lighter Foundation

For a smooth finishing and younger look, old skinned women are advised to ditch the heavy foundation and apply only lighter foundation but your foundation must contain dewy glow. Beauty experts also suggest application of CC creams also for matured skin because such creams works well in refining the skin texture due to its richness in Vitamin E constituent.

Apply Only Lighter Foundation

3. Use Concealer Of High Quality

After applying CC cream to your skin, next you must use a high quality concealer to your skin tone so that the spots like blemishes on areas of rosacea, dark under eye circles and thread veins get covered. Use of such concealer also covers all sorts of imperfections on facial skin without making the skin dry.

Use Concealer Of High Quality

4. Use Blushes

Blushing is an important step of facial makeup for females of all age groups. For old looking skin, blush having liquid or creamy formulations are fantastic choice to apply on cheeks. Blushing with a powdered formulation blushes because such blushes didn’t sit in lines and wrinkles comfortably.

Use Blushes

5. Don’t Apply Face Powder

For a woman who has crossed age of 40, it is generally recommended by beauty experts to not apply face powder on facial skin because such face powder gives an instant old look to the skin and also removes the shine from face . If you’re having wrinkles on your face, then face powder will make wrinkles stand out too.

Don’t Apply Face Powder

6. Apply Eyeliner More On Tap Lash Line

For an old skinny woman, it is advised to apply more eyeliner to the top lash line than the bottom during eye makeup. You must also keeping in mind to use soft eyeliner pencil only so that your eyeliner makeup carried out easily.

Apply Eyeliner More On Tap Lash Line

7. Choose A Dark Lip Color

Any makeup is incomplete without perfect lipstick and its color. Old women are advised to select darker color in their lipstick as compare to the color of their lips. Lips generally look youthful with flattering lipstick shade. It is a fact that lips starts losing its maturity with passing of age which can be easily retained with application of a lip balm along with a lipstick. Lipstick must be applied on combination with a lip balm so that your lips look fuller having utmost glossy effect.

Choose A Dark Lip Color

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