7 Wonder Herbs That Will Make Your Hair Grow Longer

Wonder Herbs That Will Make Your Hair Grow Longer

Lustrous long hair is one of the natural accessories that add an extra edge to a woman’s beauty. But unfortunately not every woman is endowed with it; moreover, pollution, sun, improper hair care, unhealthy food habits and application of various hair styling products cause hair damage and even lead to hair fall.

Though market are thronging with innumerable hair care products claiming to enable you a long and thick tresses within a minimum time but as the people are getting more informed about the negative effects of these chemical laden products they are getting more interested in finding the solutions in natural ingredients which are also in vogue nowadays. There are few herbs which promotes healthy hair growth and they are absolutely safer for your body as well. So if you are wondering what those herbs are, here you go.

Here Are The 7 Herbs That Will Make Your Hair Grow Long:

Indian Gooseberry:

One of the best herbs that trigger hair growth is Indian Gooseberry. As this fruit preserves properties like iron, carotene, calcium, phosphorus and a huge amount of Vitamin C, it boosts the blood circulation in the scalp and generates hair growth. You can utilize Indian gooseberry in multiple ways to get longer and healthier tresses. You can simply make a fine paste by combining water or coconut oil with dry powder of Indian Gooseberry and apply on the hair. You can even steep Indian gooseberry in water along with other herbs and make a paste of all of them to prepare hair pack. Even consuming this fruit can help you immensely.

Indian Gooseberry

Stinging Nettle:

This is one such herb that people has been relying and using from the ancient time to treat baldness and boost hair growth. Even today’s many hair care brands include stinging nettle oil in their products to for it’d powerful attributes to provide healthy and shining hair. One of the reasons of hair fall both in men and women as well, is the transformation of testosterone hormone into DHTS. Hence the properties of this herb prevent this alteration and reduce hair loss. You can intake it in capsule or pill form. Another way is to take a cup of olive oil and add fresh stinging nettle leaves. Now cover it properly and keep it in a dry and cool place for 21-22 days. Then use it on a regular basis to get the desired result.

Stinging Nettle


Aloe vera is a miraculous herb that is loaded with excellent health and beauty attributes and promoting healthy hair growth is one of them. Aloe vera is enriched with the properties that unblock the hair follicles from impurities, dead cells and accumulated chemicals and provide right nutrients and stimulate hair growth as well. It also helps to maintain the pH balance of the scalp that even aids in hair growth. Applying fresh aloe gel on the scalp or mixing aloe gel with coconut oil and applying on the hair can be beneficial.

Aloe Vera Mask

Acacai Concinna:

Another great Indian native herb that boosts hair growth is Acacai concinna. As this herb is loaded with Vitamin A,C,D and E, it provide right nourishment to your hair roots and generate healthy and stronger hair. this herb is also banishes dandruff and cleans your scalp gently. You can use the powder form with coconut oil or make a paste of it by steeping it overnight in the water.

Acacai concinna

Fenugreek Seeds:

Among other many benefits that fenugreek seeds offer, healthy hair growth is deserve mentioning. This herb is a popular hair growth remedy and even treats hair problem like alopecia right way. You can soak fenugreek seed in water for overnight and make a paste of it in following morning to use as a hair pack. Alternatively you can also boil these seeds and wash your hair with the solution. It also diminishes fungal infection on the scalp.

Fenugreek Seeds


If you are struggling with hair fall or thin hair related problems then go for the Bacopa herb that is a well known remedy for such ailments and promotes thicker and stronger hair since the Ages. It’s powdered or oil form can be applied on the hair for treating hair fall or thin hair or splits ends etc. While on the other hand, this herb even boosts the serotonin level in the brain which gives you relaxation and reduces stress which is also a major cause of hair loss.

Bacopa leaves


Last but not the least is rosemary, an aromatic herb that people has been relying on since the ancient time to heal baldness and boost hair growth. This herb is loaded with anti-bacterial properties that treat scalp infection right way. On the other hand, it stimulates hair follicles and generates healthy hair. Moreover, it also prevents premature graying of the hair. You can mix rosemary oil with other oils and apply regularly on the hair or even add some amount of oil to your regular shampoo or conditioner for maximum benefits.


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