7 Ways To Fade Spots And Even Your Skin Tone Naturally

Now then, who does not want even skin tone? Would it not be better if you get the hyperpigmentation spots off your skin completely? The answer will obviously be in affirmative but the task to ascertain as to how to eliminate spots to get even skin tone tends to become complicated due to many thoughts and so many opinions that one comes across. Some advocate the use of cosmetic products that have been dermatologist tested while others would suggest that going the natural way is always better. There is no debate that dermatology has managed incredible breakthrough so far as skin issues are concerned but it is still more like a work in progress and the effects of following the same may backfire. Natural and simpler ways like avoiding overexposure to sun and concentrating more on cleansing the liver by following a healthy diet coupled with drinking loads of water is very much within everyone’s reach.

Here Are 7 Ways To Fade Spots And Even Your Skin Tone Naturally

1. Green Tea

One could not help but swear by the miraculous properties of green tea for fading spots to get even skin tone. Other than antioxidants, green tea also contains tyrosinase that reduces secretion of melanin. The simplest way to use green tea on skin would be tea bags or a pack that contains cooled with banana, few drops of kiwi juice and rice flour.

Green Tea

2. Lemon Juice

As a naturally acidic juice, lemon juice instantly exfoliates the dead cells and dirt particles to give a soft and glowing skin. Use lemon skin all over your face with a cotton ball and wash your face with cold water after few minutes of application. Refrain from its use if you happen to have sensitive skin.

Lemon juice

3. Yoghurt

We agree. It does smell horrendous but you get naturally derived lactic acid from milk by product. A thick coat of yoghurt is all you need to apply for getting even skin tone. Apply yoghurt regularly with half a tablespoon of honey and you are on course for getting brown spot and blemish free skin.


4. Aloe Vera Gel

The pleasantly cool gel rejuvenates your skin and neutralizes hyperpigmentation that is caused due to skin’s overexposure to sun. Peel off the outer greeny layer of aloe vera leaves to get the transparent gel and apply it on your blemished and charred skin. Wash off the face with cold water after thirty minutes.

Aloe Vera Gel

5. Oranges

As mentioned earlier, cleansing of liver lets you eliminate you skin woes like uneven skin tone and dark spots; which is why it is imperative you include oranges in your diet in abundance. Don’t omit or write off the peels either as you get an incredible face pack in the form dried peels grinded in powdery form which when mixed plain yoghurt can be applied daily.

Orange Juice

6. Turmeric Paste

The favorite Asian spice for many delicacies, turmeric paste is also applied in that part of the world to fade ugly spots. You can either mix lemon juice or almond oil in case your skin is sensitive.

Turmeric Paste

7. Licorice Roots

Recent studies have found that licorice roots contain active compound called “glabridin”. The compound counters the effect of UV rays present in sun rays and lightens the dark spots.

Licorice Roots

The method of removing the spots naturally are really very effective. The difference can be seen with in a week if applied regularly.


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