7 Ultimate Skin Care Routine To Follow After Makeup

Skin care nowadays is very essential for women as they apply make up to their faces. Not all the makeup products are skin friendly and provide nourishment to the skin. Also the makeup products nowadays are highly waterproof which lasts long for hours. Due to this it gets really important to clear the makeup by following a skin care routine to avoid the skin from getting irritated and damaged by makeup products. These methods would provide you skin cleaned from makeup and nourished with essential nutrients.

Here Are 7 Ultimate Skin Care Routine To Follow After Makeup

1. Use Olive Cleansing Tissues

Nowadays the market is full of amazing products which can be used to easily wipe off the long lasting makeup. By considering the health and smoothness of the skin, the developers have come up with various nutritional and health wipe off tissues which you can use for removing the makeup as well for providing some nourishment to the skin. The olive tissues have the olive extracts which will make your skin make up free and smoothly radiant. Use these amazing tissues for removing makeup.

Use Olive Cleansing Tissues

2. Rice Water For Exfoliating The Skin

Using homemade ingredients and remedies for wiping off the makeup will provide you smooth and radiant skin afterwards. Try the rice water cleanser to wash your face post cleaning out the makeup. Soak the rice overnight in the water. Next morning you can use this water for washing your face. Rice gives a glow and avoids patchy skin and dark spots. Your skin will look fresh and glorious after using this amazing method for skin care.

Rice Water For Exfoliating The Skin

3. Micellar Water For Washing The Face

The micellar water has numerous benefits and is widely used for cleaning the face with makeup. You can use this water to clean the skin and remove the makeup. This water has minerals and vitamins which will glorify your entire face and avoids dryness and dullness after the use of makeup. Use this makeup remover for all types of skins which would exfoliate your skin and remove the make up from each part. Use cotton and dip it into the solution and then evenly remove the makeup from the entire face and neck. Be gentle while removing the makeup.

Micellar Water For Washing The Face

4. Use Cleanser Or Face Wash

Face wash or cleansers are rich and fulfilled with skin smoothening and softening agents. After removing the make up the face wash to deeply nourish and clean your skin. Select a cleanser or face wash as per your skin type and gently wash your face with the cleanser.

Use Cleanser Or Face Wash

5. Use Toner Or Whitener

A perfect skin tone is desired by every woman and thus women apply makeup and products to get an even tone. But you must not forget that with regular care you can get naturally toned and beautiful skin. After removing the makeup, apply same toner on your face which will work overnight to provide even tone and glow to your skin.


6. Use Moisturizer

After application of makeup, you must have felt that your skin gets dry and itchy. Especially after using lots of products for removing the makeup, the skin gets dry and rough. You must use some moisturizer for getting some nutrition and moisture to your skin. Apply moisturizer before going to bed so that the next morning you wake up, you will find your skin moist and supple.


7. Use Under Eye Creams

Eyes are a very delicate part of the face. The under eyes especially are so delicate and soft which needs to be take care of. If you love eye makeup and use water proof eye makeup products, it is really hectic task to remove the make up easily. After smoothly removing the makeup apply some under eye cream. Massage lightly and let it stay overnight. This will give you glowing and sparkling eyes for the rest of the day.

Eye Cream

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