7 Types Of Manicure You Should Try Today For Beautiful Hands

Manicure You Should Try Today For Beautiful Hands

Manicure is the most essential regimen to take care of your hands. It helps to remove the dead skin cells from your hands and also nourish it. There are several types of manicures available in the salons which offers different looks to your nails. Today we are going to discuss about some of the most popular manicures which you can try and give a new look to your nails as per your choice . So Lets have a look.

So Let’s Have A Look:

1. Basic Manicure:

We would start with the basic manicure. This type of manicure is generally opted by most of us. It includes basic nail care and softening of hands.It starts with exfoliating the hands and follow by the soaking for few minutes. After soaking hands are massaged with a nourishing cream to make it softer. Fingernails are clipped and filed properly and the session ends up with the application of base coat ,a colored nail paint and the top coat  on the nails.

Basic Manicure

2. American Manicure:

I am sure most of you must have heard this for the first time.  American Manicure is very similar to the french manicure But in this nails are clipped and filed in oval shape. Generally we use pristine white color in french manicure but here they use neutral color to coat the nails such as pastel shades.

American Manicure

3. Gel Manicure:

This is most trending manicure nowadays. Gel manicure gives a 3D kind of a look to your nails. The process is almost similar to the basic manicure but the gel nail polishes are used to color the nails which are applied under UV lights. This type of nail polish tends to chip less and lasts longer than the basic nail polish. In this type of manicure three layers of nail polish are applied and then held under the UV light to set.

Gel Manicure

4. French Manicure:

This is the most famous manicure done by the women. This type of manicure gives a classic and chic loom to your hair. It is suitable for the working professionals who would like to flaunt the well manicured and decent look.In this type of manicure a clear nail polish, a beige polish or a pale pink is applied on the nails and only the tips are painted in white color. The nails are chipped and filed in square or round shape into a short length.

French Manicure

5. Reverse French Manicure:

In this kind of a manicure the moon of the nail is painted in white and the rest of the nail is painted in a dark color. The rest of the process is same as french manicure. Here you can try the various color combinations according to your choice and the occasions. You can even try the glitter nail color to paint the moon while the rest of the nail in pastel shade.

 Reverse French Manicure

6. Hot Stone Manicure:

In this type of Manicure the basic process is followed with one additional step. Here the hot stones are placed below and over the hands to provide instant relief. After the exfoliation and soaking session, hands are massage using the hot stones followed by the french manicured nail or the plain colored nails.

Hot Stone Manicure

7. Spa Manicure:

This is also a trending manicure nowadays. In this type of a manicure, a coat of glycolic acid is applied on the hand to remove the dead skin cells in the form of a gel and cream. This is done after the basic manicure steps such as exfoliation and soaking. After the massage session nails are painted with the basic colored nail polish or with the french manicure tip.

Spa Manicure

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