7 Tricks That Guide You To Enlarge Your Eyes With Makeup

Enlarge Your Eyes With Makeup

Your eyes are the most beautiful aspect of your personality. This is one of the things that make you look attractive. Every girl wishes to have big eyes with curly eyelashes. If you don’t have big sized then you don’t need to feel disappointed. With the help of right kind of makeup you can bring about magical and desired change to your eyes. Just pay a little attention to the way you need to decorate your eye shadows, eyelashes, lips etc. and accomplish your goal. In this article we will tell you about seven clever tricks to enlarge your eyes with makeup.

Here Are The 7 Tricks That Guide You To Enlarge Your Eyes With Makeup:

Use Of White Coloured Eye Shadow

White eye shadow can make your eyes appear wide and big. You can use a fine quality eye pencil or an eye shadow to colour your eyes against the inner edges of your eyes. This will help in giving an illusion of brighter and opened up eyes.

Use of white coloured Eye shadow

Curl Your Eye Lashes

Eye lashes also play a role in enlarging the size of your eyes. Curling is the way. Using a light pressure of the hand, you can curl your eye lashes by holding the base and the middle part of the eyelashes. This step gives your eye lashes some body and open up your eyes wide. Only the upper eye lashes have to be curled, leave the lower ones or it can make your eyes appear small.

Curl your Eye lashes

Shaped Eyebrows

To make your eyes attractive, big and sophisticated, you need to give a proper shape to your eyebrows. If you have light eyebrows you can colour them with the help of eyebrow pencil. Trim and manicure your eyebrows neatly as this will not only make your face look spacious but also beautiful.

Shaped Eyebrows

Pay Attention To The Placement

Whenever you are applying the makeup, be it eye shadow or an eye liner pay close attention to the placement as it will help in extending the crease and make your eyes look large and big.

Applying on Eyebrows

Choose The Right Colours

If you wish your eyes to pop then it is advised to choose the colours carefully. Playing with more than one colour will do the trick. Choosing two different colours for eye makeup would definitely make them appear larger. When one uses dark colours then eyes look smaller, so always go for lighter shades. Also, in lighter shades there are various options to choose from. Pick those hues that are in good contrast with the colour of your hairs and the makeup of the skin.

Choose the right colours

Accentuate The Beauty Of Your Lips

Don’t think that only eye makeup will help in making your eyes bigger. Your lip makeup can also add some size to your eyes. It has been seen that women who wear bright coloured vibrant lipsticks their eyes look wider and in full charge. If you don’t like wearing lipsticks then lip gloss will also do. Go for darker shades of red, pink, brown and orange. This will help in magnifying the size of your eyes.

Accentuate the beauty of your lips

Application Of Mascara

Mascara is one of the important items in makeup of eyes. Apply one thick layer of mascara to the upper eyelashes. When the mascara gets concentrated on the root of the eyelashes rather than forming clumps on the tip of lower eyelashes then your eye will look bigger.

Pay attention to the placement

All of these tricks are fairly simple and can be performed without help of a makeup artist.

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