7 Top Homemade Toners For Oily Skin

Many of us believe that cleansing and purifying are the essential activities necessary for maintaining oily skin. However, this is a wrong notion. Other aspects like toning are also equally important. Many people didn’t know the secret behind toning. It can remove the unwanted dirt from our skin. Plus, the surplus of oil can also get eliminated by the usage of toner regularly. We tend to search for the best toner available in market. But why don’t you prepare it yourself at home? Yes, home-made toners are much easier to make and also chemical-free. They are safe from side effects unlike the toner found in markets.

Here Is A List Of Home-made Toners You Can Give A Try

1. Cucumber Toner

Cucumber is well-known for its skin lightening qualities. Furthermore, it can fresh up a dull oily skin also. Grind some cucumber and extract the juice out of it. Combine the juice with some curd. Apply the mixture on your face and allow it to dry for some time. Then wash off with water. Do this on alternate days to get best results.

Cucumber Toner

2. Tomato Juice Toner

Mix equal amounts of tomato juice and honey to make a thick and creamy paste. Apply it evenly on your face. This is an ideal homemade toner for oily skin. Tomato juice can give you instant radiance. Whereas, honey contains the capability to clear off the dead and dry skin cells from our skin. It can also brighten our skin if used for a prolonged time.

Tomato Juice Toner

3. Rose-water Toner

Simply smear some rose water by dabbing it with cotton ball and apply it on your face. Leave it for some time. Washing off your face is optional as it is no harm to leave rosewater on your face. Make sure you use pure rose water without mixture. It can illuminate and soften your skin in the long run. Rose water acts as a toner and cleanser as well.

Rose-water Toner

4. Peach Toner

Obtain 1-2 peach fruits and remove the outer layers. Then mash them well. Add a little olive oil or almond oil and mix them. You can add some fresh cream which is optional. Apply it on your face and wash off after half an hour. It is better to rinse your face with lukewarm water. Do it on a daily basis before taking bath to get an unblemished oil-free skin.

Peach Toner

5. Egg White Toner

Egg white is a natural toner which can control the oil balance in our skin. Simply extract the egg white from an egg and apply on your face in an even manner. Allow it to dry off completely before washing off with water. Follow this on a daily routine for better results. This toner can clear your face by removing the dark spots and blemishes.

Egg White Toner

6. Lemon Toner

Simply squeeze some lemon juice and add a little honey to it. Mix well and apply it on your skin. Wash off after some time. This toner can stabilize your oily and acne-prone skin in no time. Other than that, this combo can brighten up your skin as well.

Lemon toner

7. Camphor Toner

Add a few drops of rosewater to a pinch of camphor. Combine them and apply on your face thrice a day. This is an excellent remedy for oily skin. It can clear off as well as prevent the occurrence of acne. Plus, camphor can maintain a healthy and glowing skin.

Camphor Toner

Try any of these toners at home to get a healthy and oil-free skin.

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