7 Tips To Wear High Heels Without Pain

7 Tips To Wear High Heels Without Pain

If you are obsessed with wearing high heels then you would be aware of the pain that you need to undergo to look trendy and fashionable. Apart from the uncomfortable feeling, high heels can cause plenty of health problems to feet and hence, it is better that you take care necessary precaution in advance, rather than that of looking for medication when a severe problem arises. Achilles tendon is affected the most as the complete body weight comes down to it. Once you are used to heels, you will not feel comfortable in flats as the tendons are so tight that it cannot reach back to its original position. Few simple things that can save you from the disaster that is caused due to excess usage of high heels are discussed below.

1. Massage Your Legs:

Once you reach home after a tiring day, sit down and massage your feet and calf muscles. They are affected the most due to the continuous wearing of high heels. Massage in between the thin bones, this will help you to improve the blood flow. Remember that if you restore the position of Achilles tendon and muscles then the permanent damage can be avoided at a later stage in life.

Massage Your Legs

2. Stretch Exercises:

Stretch exercises will help to retain the flexibility of the muscles and this is the best to do while you are lying in the bed. Stretch exercises will help your muscles to move freely. Due to wearing of high heels, your calf muscles would have stiffened so that problem can be avoided with the help of stretch exercises. Move your feet in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction and you will be able to feel immediate pain relief on your feet.

Stretch Exercises

3. Clear Your Shoe Rack:

All the ladies will have to accept one simple thing that they would be having minimum of two heels in their shoe rack, which is spoiled or out of shape. You may be keeping it because you paid a huge price for it or you may love it and you are not able to find something similar in the market. These reasons don’t justify you to wear those shoes. If your heels have worn out then you need to dump it. If you are using it for various reasons then it will hurt you and you cannot change it. You should clean your shoe rack at least once in six months so that you can dump these shoes. Do remember that whenever you are dumping these shoes, you are gifting yourself a pain-free life.

Clear Your Shoe Rack:

4. Think About Wedges And Platform Heels:

Look for wedges and platform heels rather than that of the thin heels, which you are wearing currently. Wedges and platforms heels are also very trendy and they will also provide the comfort that your body requires. If the breadth of the heels is more, the body weight is distributed to broader surfaces and hence, this reduces the pain on the feet.

Think About Wedges And Platform Heels

5. Wear Heels With Different Heights:

If you wear extremely high heels throughout the week then you can be rest assured that the pain in the feet will never reduce. Throughout the week, ensure that you wear heels of different heights. This will ensure that the pressure on your feet is different on different days and hence, your feet will not feel burdened. If you wear the same painful high heels everyday then the pain in the feet will increase rather than that of reducing.

Wear Heels With Different Heights

6. Wear Flat Shoes While Commuting:

You may find it difficult to do this as you may be all ready to leave for the day, but this is a gift that you can give to your feet. Flat shoes will give you the comfort to stand and walk and hence, the burden on the legs would be reduced. You can wear the heels that you love, after reaching office. This will ensure that the burden on your feet is half reduced as most of us are in desk based job and hence, you will not stand on the heels for longer.  

Wear Flat Shoes While Commuting

7. More Coverage On Top:

If your heels just has a single strap on the top then it would be looking great and sexy too, but consider the impact that it is creating on your feet. Look for heels with has wide strap on the top. This will provide more comfort to your legs. You are plenty of high heel boots that can be easily worn throughout the day and that is because of the complete coverage on the top of the feet.

More Coverage On Top

These tips and tricks will help you to have happy feet. These tips and tricks are helpful in the long run and your feet would be thankful to you.

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