7 Tips To Heal Stretch Marks Naturally

Heal Stretch Marks Naturally

Stretch marks are off white silvery streaks formed on the skin as a result of change in body weight or lifting some heavy material or during pregnancy by swift stretching of body. Stretch mark built their homes mainly on stomach, lower abdomen, waist, arms and thighs. It looks very embarrassing and odd especially when you wish to flaunt in a short top with bottoms or when you wear a saree for some occasion.Our skin consists of 3 layers. The outer skin layer is known as epidermis, mid layer is known as dermis and the deepest layer is known as hypodermic.

When all these connective tissues gets stretched together due to lifting of some weight, the skin expands and the collagen present in the skin layer gets weak as the intern fibres starts tearing. This causes stretch marks to form on our skin.Stretch marks is not a disease, that harms our body. It’s just a scar which forms due to expansion of skin for any reason but looks very prominent and bad. Most of the women opt for skin creams to get rid of stretch marks as it’s an easiest way to improve skin scars. Buying these branded creams is not only a costly affair, but can also harm our body as they all have some chemicals in them. The scars can get lighten over time and might disappear if you take an extra care of your skin at home.

Here Are Few Home-based Remedies To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks:



Sugar can do miracles to cure stretch marks. Take a tablespoon of sugar, add few drops of almond oil and squeeze a lemon in the mixture to form a paste. Stir well and apply it on the affected areas then scrub for almost 10-15 minutes. Take a good shower and repeat this remedy for almost 3 week’s to get rid of marks from your skin.

Lime With Cucumber Juice 

Lime With Cucumber Juice

A fruit packed with vitamin C which is acidic in nature. Cucumber is a cooling ingredient good for skin. Take some cucumber juice and squeeze a lemon mix nicely. Apply this juice on affected area, in circular motion. It works as a great healer by reducing stretch marks and scars.

Egg Whites

Egg White

Extremely rich in proteins, especially the egg white layer is packed with amino acids which helps to supply nutrients to nourish the skin by strengthening the connective tissues. In a bowl, whip 2-3 eggs white with a spoon or a fork. Apply the paste using a brush on stretch marks. Allow the paste to dry completely then was it off with cold water and pat it dry with a soft towel. Now apply some coconut or almond oil to keep your skin moisturised. Use this remedy for almost 3 week’s to get rid of marks from your skin.


Potato (3)

Kitchen’s essential, very rich in minerals and vitamins. It helps to restore skin cells. Slice thick pieces of potatoes and rub it on the marks for almost 5-7 minutes or till its juice gets dry. Wash it off with normal water and pat it dry with a clean and soft towel. Repeat this remedy for a month’s time to lighten your stretch marks.

Drink Water

Drinking Water

Drink at-least 8-10 glass of water a day. Water helps to keep the body hydrated by flushing the bad toxins from body. The more hydrated your body is, the more clean and clear will be your skin. Make drinking water a habit and you will get rid of stretch marks for sure.

Olive Oil 

Olive oil and lemon

Olive is very rich in vitamin E and antioxidants which helps to heal all your skin problems. Take some olive oil in a bowl and microwave it for a minute, apply warm olive oil to stretch marks and rub it for 5-7 minutes so that your skin absorbs the oil nicely. Massage helps to improve the blood circulation and helps to lighten your marks. Apply olive oil at-least thrice a week for a month’s time to get rid of stretch marks.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

It’s an homeopathic and most trustworthy medicine for all your skin problems. It heals the marks easily and keeps the skin soft. Apply some aloe Vera gel directly on the affected skin for about 15-20 minutes then wash it off with Luke warm water. Apply thrice a week for almost 1 month and you will notice the change.Try any of these home remedies to get rid of stretch marks from your body, but don’t expect marks to disappear overnight. Give it sometime and you will be pleased to see the results!

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