7 Tips For Wearing Dark Lipstick For Your Skin Tone

Most of the girls prefer wearing those pink, peach and nude glossy lip shades on a daily basis. But some even love to wear dark lips shades for special occasions or sometimes even on casual meetings. Dark lipsticks can make you look as gorgeous as Rihanna or can also make people think that you are confused about Halloween. Different skin tones accept different shades of lipsticks and you need to know that. Wearing dark lip shades is an interesting way to play with your looks as compared to committing some blunders like cutting down your hair or going brunette. Now when you have decided to wear dark lipstick, you must know the do and don’ts of dark lip shades. A dark lipstick is bold, strong, and a statement, so you must wear it with confidence. You must wear it as if you are going to own the event as all eyes will be on you.

Here Are 7 Tips For Wearing Dark Lipstick For Your Skin Tone

1. Know Which Color Suits Your Skin Tone

If you have a fair or light complexion, then you must look for pinkish red, dusty or coral lip shades. For cool undertones you can go for raspberry and for warm tones, you can try red shades with coral or blue undertone. For girls with a medium complexion, true red or cherry red is an ideal pick. For girls with a dark complexion, deep wine or metallic ruby red is the best pick.

Know Which Color Suits Your Skin Tone

2. Test Your Shade

Always test lips shade before purchasing it. After picking few lipstick shades according to your skin tone, try their testers on your lips to determine the shade that looks perfect on you. You must check whether the shades you have picked brighten your skin tone or make you look dull. You must go for a shade that lightens up your skin tone.

Test Your Shade

3. Match With Your Dress

Now when you have got your dark lip shade, you must save it for special evening events or for the fall months. Before applying your shade, you must check if it goes with the dress you are wearing. The heavier and textured fabrics in deep greens, navy or reds go perfectly with plum, burgundy or Bordeaux shades.

Match With Your Dress

4. Things To Do Before Applying Dark Lipstick

Before you apply your lipstick, your must scrub your lips gently with a mild lips scrub. You can get it from a store or can make it at home. You can make a scrub for your lips by adding sugar to olive or coconut oil and honey. After scrubbing your lips, you must apply a lip balm. It’s better if you apply a transparent lip balm as a colored lip balm can spoil the color of your lipstick. Lip balm makes your lips supple and soft. As you know the dark lipsticks are mostly matte and dry, hence applying a lip balm before applying a lipstick make it look much better.

Things To Do Before Applying Dark Lipstick

5. Always Apply With Lip Brush

Applying your lipstick with a lip brush is the best way to give it a perfect finish, especially the dark shades. Dark lipsticks get messy quickly if not applied with care. The best way to apply it is swiping it on from outer corner to the center of the mouth and then filling up the pout. When your light lip shades get messy, they don’t seem messy due to their light shade but darker shades are noticeable and look odd when they get spread out from your lip line.

Always Apply With Lip Brush

6. Apply The Liner Later

Most of the girls apply liner before applying lipstick thinking it’s a rule of applying lipstick. But, it’s not right. Lip liner must be applied after applying lipstick nicely with a lip brush. You must also be careful about the shade of your liner. It must be matched with your lipstick and applied along your lips’ perimeter to give a borderline to them. The liner can take away the focus from your actual lip color if applied well.

Apply The Liner Later

7. Skip You Glossy Finish

Applying gloss is normal when applying usual lip shade to make it stand out but dark lipstick needs no help to grab attention. Swiping a gloss after applying your dark matte lip shade look messy and also make it bleed onto the skin. If you still want to apply gloss, you can apply it only on the center part of your lips. It’s advised to avoid gloss as it can ruin your look completely. You can well imagine how you will look with bleeding lips. So, keep it matte, simple and elegant.

Skip You Glossy Finish

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