7 Superb Tips To Take Care Of Your Coloured Hair

Tips To Take Care Of Your Coloured Hair

Coloring hair with exciting hues is one of the easiest ways of make-over which is very much in vogue nowadays and gives you a chic look instantly. From highlights to streaks or full coverage you can pick up your style and transform your look to a glamorous one.

However, as every good thing has a dark side so these hair colors too. Ammonia present in the hair color helps to soak the color particles but on the other side it strips off the natural moisture from the hair strands and leaves them dry and brittle even causes hair fall. However that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t color your hair to look gorgeous.

With little changes in your hair care regime you can take care of your colored hairs and still manage to get smooth and shiny tresses. Want to know how? Keep reading.

Here Are The 7 Tips To Take Care Of Your Colored Hair:

Wash Your Hair With Cool Or Lukewarm Water:

Too much hot or warm water strips off the hair color sooner and quicker. Hence once you color your hair never use hot water instead rinse your hair with cool or lukewarm water.

Washing of hairs

Use Color Protecting Shampoo:

Make sure to rinse your colored hair with color protecting shampoo. Formulated for colored hair these shampoos don’t flush out the hair color, instead they help to set the color particles better on your tresses. After shampoo, don’t forget to use conditioner, it nourishes and retains the required moisture to your hair and doesn’t leave your hair dry out.


Apply Hair Mask (home-made):

Give your hair protein treatment at home by a nourishing home made hair mask. You can use natural ingredients like banana, mayonnaise, egg or honey to prepare a protein hair mask and apply it once a week to provide right nourishment to your tresses.

Yoghurt Hair Mask

Reduce The Use Of Blow Dryer:

Colored hairs tend to be dry so on top of that while you use blow dryer excessively the tresses become dry and lifeless. So reduce the usage of blow dryer as much as possible. In some cases you may opt for blow drying with cool setting.

Avoid use of hair dryer

Deep Conditioning:

To retain the vitality and luster of colored hairs, go for deep conditioning at home. Opt for hot oil treatment using coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil.

Conditioning your hair

Protect From Heat:

Keep off the heat exposure to your hair to protect the color. Safe-guard your tresses from the sun or other heat generating hair styling tools like straightner or blow dryer etc.

Heat Protection - Copy

Take Precaution Before Swimming:

Chlorine in the water especially swimming pool causes havoc to your tresses; it even changes the real color of your hair. Hence once you color your hair keep off from swimming pool water or must wear a shower cap before stepping into the pool.

Safeguard The Hair From Chlorine When Swimming

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