7 Stylish Wet Look Hairstyle Ideas

7 Stylish Wet Look Hairstyle Ideas

Sometimes you are in a hurry and don’t have time to blow dry your hairs. In those times you have to just go leaving your hairs open or tying a simple knot without introducing any style to your hairs. Many people don’t know that your wet hairs can be given a stunning hot look by trying certain hairstyle. This article will uncover seven most appealing and gorgeous wet hairstyle ideas to rock this season.

Loose Triple Bun

This hairstyle looks very classy and elegant on wet hairs. It is appropriate for girls and women with long hairs. Creating a bun with some loose hair twists gives an appearance of messy waves flowing on your face and stealing others attention.

Triple Braided Bun

French Braided Bun

Wet hair can get very stiff, dull and lifeless. This hairstyle is also called as “the braided crown” which is created by making a French braid which is tied on the top of your head. This gives one an impression of thicker and fuller strands of wet hair. You are surely going to look amazingly hot.

Low Loose Bun

Charming Wet Look

Wearing this remarkable hairstyle you are going to flaunt the neat and trendy hair bob. Your wet hairs are swept back to frame your face in a cute way. With the application of little amount of hair gel and brushing your hairs behind would draw everyone’s attention to you easily.

Short Bob


This wet hairstyle looks even more alluring when accompanied with shiny nude lipstick and revealing hot smoky eyes. To make this wonderful hairstyle you need to take all your wet hairs back using a wide- tooth comb. Now with good quantity of hairspray you would get a glamorous and fresh beach look!

Clean feathered bob look

Pushed Back

To create a perfect style statement for you!! To get this hairstyle you need to damp your hair tresses and brush them back. Now gently dry them by a blow dryer. Hold them at one place and add a little shine by application of hairspray. This is a stylish hair updo meant to impart vibrancy to your hairs.

pushed back hair

The Pompadour

This is an example of an edgy hairstyle and goes perfectly well on hairs of varying lengths. Being by taking your hair behind and hold the upper portion of hair. Now gently push it in front direction to create the look of a pompadour. This is very simple to create and gives you a fantastic look. Use a better quality moisturizer to fix your hairs at one place.

The Pompadour

Off The Face

You would love the feminine look, charm and style this hairstyle gives you!! To create this hairstyle, gently comb all your wet hairs to form a single pony tail behind your face. Apply volumizing mousse to your hair strands so that when they dry they would look thicker and bouncy.

Bob hairstyle

Whether it is textured, lustrous updos or pulled back type, wet hairstyles are convenient and going to stay in fashion. Next time when you have come out of a shower and getting late for an event, try any of these classy hair styles ideas to look fabulous. I hope by reading this article you must have found your best hairstyles that suits your personality and style. All of these hairstyles are very easy and do not require help of an expert to style them. So try them yourself at your home and feel a new and better you!!

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