7 Stylish Feathered Bob Hairstyles

Stylish Feathered Bob Hairstyles

Bob hairstyles are and always will be in fashion and in this scenario the meaning of bob is surely epitomized by a feathered bob look. To confirm the same, discussed below are some of the stunning feathered bob hairstyles one cannot ignore.

Here Are The 5 Stylish Feathered Bob Hairstyles:

Side Swept Bob, Feathered Look

A nice bob hairstyle in case one is having loads of curly hair at the back! This look can be easily pulled off like Actress Kerry Washington did, of Scandal lineage with a nice curly side swept bob style with a feathery front region. To do this, one needs hair mousse, to fix the front region in a side sweep and the back side all cured up to a give a stunning look. Hair spray to top it up does the trick!

Side swept bob, feathered look

Clean Feathered Bob Look

A clean and awesome bob cut to celebrate the awesomeness of a side-swept cut, this hairstyle was sported by the famous Singer, Ashlee Simpson too! To get the look, one need to cut the hairs to chin length on the sweep side and get a blunt cut at the bottom and just that is enough to look appealing.

Clean feathered bob look

Two Toned Feathered Bob Look

An awesome hairstyle to sport only for the brave, this one is done by giving the feature touch to both the partitions of the hair, one side longer than the other side and looks best with highlighting in the perfect areas. Sported by the cool actress Chelsea Kane, this hair style has both the features of being brief as well as prolonged in the look and gives a lot of character wearing it!

Two toned feathered bob look

Side Swept Bangs With A Feather Look

Another great feathered bob style to sport, this one needs a lot of guts as well. This is due to the fact the side sweep part is longer with a feathered detail and the other region is cut short like a normal boy cut hair. Great if one can carry this off with misty makeup and bold eyes to go with!

Side swept bangs with a feather look

Bangs Accompanied By Long Bob Hair Cut

The great thing about long bobs is that one can do just anything with it and experiment to the heart’s content! This look which has been sported by none other than Taylor Swift looks fabulous with the addition of short bangs in the forehead area and accompanied by long bob cut in asymmetric lengths and giving them a feature look too. A great cut for those who want to cover up the jaw line well!

Bangs accompanied by long bob hair cut

Feathered Bob With Curls

Another featured hairdo which goes absolutely well if one is of a bubbly character! This hairstyle asks for a featured band at the front swept into the side and the rest of the region showing up innumerous amount of curls all over. This hairstyle can be effectively put in place with a lot of hair mousse, curler, and a lot of hairspray to keep in place. Seen to be sported by one of the well known singer, Anna Nalick, this looked perfect with a dim eye makeup and soft facial features.

Feathered bob with curls

Feathered Chop Bob Look

This look brings out a lot of personality and individuality as it looks elegant, happy and romantic, all at the same time! This hair looks great but would indeed require the expert help of a hair stylist who will make sure that the messy feathered look and followed by natural drying and application of mousse at the end of the strands as well! Seen to be sported by actress, Dianna Agron, this looked just as natural!

Feathered chop bob look

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