7 Stylish Casio Women Watches In The Market

Casio Women Watches In The Market

Casio is one of the few reliable giants that product quality watches and introduce new watches with different patterns, having vivid features almost every year. No matter you like sleek steps or broad, or leather straps, metal straps or replaceable straps, name it, and casio has a range of what you need. They also have amazing options for women who like to play with various peppy colours. We have handpicked 7 best casio watches that are in trend in order to help you own that one perfect watch you will always love.

1. Casio Enticer Analog White Dial Women’s Watch -LTP-2087GL-4AVDF (A910):

This is a super attractive women’s watch that has a bright red leather strap. The strap is smooth enough to glide on the wrist, without hurting it. The dialling panel is an amalgamation of white and shimmering golden tint that makes it a perfect party watch. Its spherical case is strong, because it is made up of bezel stainless steel. It is stylish and flaunts 3 mini dials in one case. It is waterproof and scratch resistant.


2. Casio Sheen Multi Function Analog White Dial Women’s Watch -She-3803SG- 7AUDR (SX106):

This Casio watch can actually work well as a trendy office watch for women do not like to accessorize much. Its dialling panel has 3 mini dials having a hint of shimmering pink gold and white. It sparkles and is scratch proof and water resistant. It has a metallic strap coloured in silver and gold rose. It comes with a 3 year warranty against battery damage.


3. Casio Enticer Analog Gold Dial Women’s Watch -LTP-E120SG-9ADF (A1045):

This shimmering golden watch can actually work very well as your diamond bracelet replacement. It has a golden dialling panel infused with beaded silver crystals that gives this watch an exotic look. It has a metallic strap that holds on to the strong round case made up of waterproof stainless steel.


4. Casio Sheen Analog White Dial Women’s Watch -SHN-3011SG-7ADRR (SX144):

This is one heavily jewelled up enticing watch that is an ideal women party watch. It has a silver and metallic pink dialling case that has 3 mini dials. Its round case has beaded pearl edges in hint of golden pink and silver. It has a rose gold and silver broad metallic strap that holds the round case. It is water and scratch resistant.


5. Casio Enticer Silver Dial Women’s Watch -LTP-2083L-4AVDF (A532):

This Casio watch ideally suits college going teenage girls. It is chic stylish and has a pink leather strap that supports its round case. The metallic silver dialling panel has 3 mini dials too. It is waterproof, scratch proof and ever dust proof. It comes with a 2 year warranty.


6. Casio Sheen Analog Gold Dial Women’s Watch -SHE-3809PG-9AUDR (SX177):

This all-rose-gold watch looks like a diamond bracelet, due to its crystal shimmering beads and jewelled up heavy look. The dial panel is filled with rose gold tint and the round case has white beads around the edges. The metallic strap is opaque rose gold in colour and is broad. The watch case is scratch proof stainless steel that is waterproof too.


7. Casio Enticer Analog Pink Dial Women’s Watch -LTP-E402PG-4AVDF (A981):

If you have been looking for a high quality watch with a sleek matte metallic strap, then your search should end with this watch by Casio. Its dialling panel has a warm rose tint, and the metallic strap is thin and has a shiny smooth pink tint. The case is round and the watch is scratch proof.


The 7 listed Casio watches are the most trendy and best rates watches globally. They are very reasonable according to the quality and durability they offer.

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