7 Stylish And Sassy Bobs For Round Faces

It is not necessary to keep long hair because you have a round face and chubby chick. You can adopt different kinds of hairstyles like bobs. Bob is all time a stylish and bubbly kind of hairstyle that is in fashion trend. Now a day, Bobs are now offering lengthy hair options. It doesn’t really mean whether your hair is blonde or black or wavy or straight or curly, bobs have various styles to make your round face slim and tall. Remember; don’t make your hair shorter than the chin length in front of the face.

Let’s Find Out Some Extraordinary Stylish Bob Hairstyles Especially For The Round Face

1. Bob Blunt

If you want to highlight your facial features then go for blunt haircut blindly. The hair length should be up to your chin. This clean chin length hair cut will help you to style in any occasions. For blunt hairstyle you need a straight and silky hair which will definitely make focuses on your hair and face. Your face will look slimmer and stylish. The main look will be on your eyes and face when anybody will look at you.

Bob Blunt

2. Bob With Weighty Side Bangs

Short or long hairstyle really depends on your mood and style. If you are yearning for short cropped cut and confused about the result, then let us assure you that you will look stunning. Just you need to add some really heavy side bang. This pixie cut has a benefit that it will frame your face. You will have a side parted hair. One side will be less bouncy and another part will be with a heavy side bang.

Bob With Weighty Side Bangs

3. Flexible Bob

We must say that this hairstyle is just perfect for daily care in short timing. The curls are enough stylish and the hair colour is ideal for office or evening party. You can trust in this hairstyle blindly. The front bang adds an extra wavy look to the hair. Moreover, this chin length hair is ideal for fashionable working women who want to make their hair impressive.

Flexible Bob

4. Asymmetrical Bob

The asymmetrical bob in blonde colour hair will definitely do a magic. Bubbly personality with chin length bob is really can create an impression. Do the side part to hide your plumper face. This hairstyle also has one condition; it looks good only on straight radiant hair. The short to long hairstyle really looks cute when you are doing it in blonde hair.

Asymmetrical Bob

5. Medium Curls In Bob

Use your curls to do an excellent hairstyle. Cut it down to the shoulder length. Your curls will stay around your face and it will cover-up your plumper face. Rather, you can do middle part the hair and leave your hair as it is.

Medium Curls In Bob

6. Inverted Bob

Most of the overweight women ignore short haircut to avoid chubby chic. But, we want to assure you that you can look stunning with inverted bob. This hairstyle is short and it will give your hair a wonderful shape. Your back side will have a weight and inverted layers in the hair will do all the magic.

Inverted Bob

7. Waves With Asymmetrical Ombre

You can make your hair extraordinarily stunning by a good colouring and haircut. Ombre is making your hair stylish by using different hair colour. You can do a nice hair cut with colours, like asymmetrical bob. It will lighten your skin tone and make you look instantly gorgeous.

Waves With Asymmetrical Ombre

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