7 Styling Tips To Hide Tummy

Hide Tummy

Women especially after 40 become poundage in their belly area that too during pre-menopause or menopause period. Your waist tends to vanish as you grow heavier around the hips and belly. Stylists have taken extra care to help those women to manage to hide their flabby designing clothes to suit them.

1. Tops With Ruching Or Drape:

Do not wear clothes that are tight fitting or that hug around your tummy. Select tops with drape or ruching. You can concentrate on your plus points and avoid wearing figure hugging tops. Tight closes show off your tiers around your middle part of the body and make you look awkward. Select tops that have some ruching and draping styled in them that will make you look elegant helping you to look gorgeous in spite of your real shape.

Tops With Ruching Or Drape

2. Wear Skinnies Or Leggings Along With Asymmetrical Or Draped Tops:

Leggings actually help to fit comfortably around your tummy with the provided elastic and also help to tuck your tummy a bit. You can pair them up with the variety of amazing long tops and tunics that will make you look incredible. None will observe your stomach. During summer you can wear just below the knee dresses. You can wear capris that are fabulous to look at and feel comfortable and they are stretchy and tuck in your belly. You can wear a printed tunic and the camisole that is long.

 Wear Skinnies

3. Wear Vertical Lines Along With Jackets, Long Cardigans, And Ponchos:

Layers very efficiently hide your belly. You can wear the latest trendy cardigan or an embroidered or plain jacket. Straight or Waterfall designs can perform and will conceive a good vertical line that will make you look taller and divert the attention from your belly. The length of your cardigan will make you look leaner and even short but straight cardigans will help you hide your stomach. Long vests are very famous that create perfect and long and lean straight lines.


4. Do Not Add Accessories Like Belts Just On Top Of Them:

Don’t make use of belts that will accentuate your belly. Some women wear the belts a little higher that are effective for them as the attention is diverted from the tummy. It will work better if the top has prints or is designed asymmetrically. It will provide your figure better shape as well as hide your belly.


5. Wear Tops Above Your Pants And Skirts But Don’t Tuck Them In:

A well-shaped figure can carry off tops that are tucked neatly but a person with a protruding belly cannot wear it that way. A broad shaped person should abstain from tucking the top and wear a top that flows beyond the widest part of your hips to flatter it.


6. Do Not Wear Dresses That Hang Down Bulky Around Your Tummy:

Do not wear dresses with pockets and other elaboration or ornamentation that will give you a broader look. Wear a vertical drape that is loose and choose black color that camouflages and work the idea of hiding the big belly.

Hang Down

7. The V-neck Style:

The V neck style top has the character to please you by helping you look thinner. Wear the three fourth’s sleeves that hide your jiggling arms. It makes you look great without throwing your weight around. Wear dark colors to help you hide your flab.

Hang Down

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