7 Stiletto Nail Designs

Nail Designs

Stilleto nails are not really a new concept to start off with and has been in the market since the 1950’s and 1960’s, however it is only in the recent times that it has been brought into the fashion circuit by the popular names like that of Lady Gaga, Fergie and Rihanna!

With the people as mentioned making people go gaga over this nail trend, nowadays even the regular women fraternity has started to sport the same in their day to day lives which is both dangerous as well as daring at the same time. Talking about this nail trend, let us check out some of the fun and classy stiletto nail design ideas that you may put into use in the long run.

Some Of The Stiletto Nail Designs Are Discussed Below.

1. The Classic Black Look

One of the timeless and the most classy midnight black nail design is what we are talking about in here which is done with utmost ease on a stiletto nail where it can look classy and chic in all kinds of events, be a party, to sport as a gothic look or at Halloween!

The Classic Black Look

2. The Baby Blue Glitter Nail

This one is a fashion stunner in itself and when applied as it is on the stiletto nails, looks super amazing in ways more than one. The glitter at the base and the blue goes well with any kind of party that one has to attend.

The Baby Blue Glitter Nail

3. Egyptian Beauty

This nail design is filled with shades more than one, all more vibrant and dazzling and what pulls off this nail design together is the Eye of the Horus at the middle finger which brings out the Egyptian look in all its glory! A must try for sure.

Egyptian Beauty

4. The Leopard Look

Pink on most of the stiletto nails and then comes the leopard print which gives a whole new dimension to this entire do in no time! What a classy design and another must try in tis list without doubt!

The Leopard Look

5. Matte Pink With Motifs And Gold Design

This one is one showstopper kind of nail design which will make your nails stand apart from the crowd! The stiletto nails coupled with this lovely and super cool matte pink detailed with gold and pink motifs is going to get you places in no time. Try this to fetch compliments with any attire that you may want.

Matte Pink With Motifs And Gold Design

6. The Nude Look With Rhinestone Detailing

Got a party to attend and stuck with no idea of accentuating and decorating your stiletto nails? This might be just what you might be looking at for the same. This nail design speaks of nude shade in all the nails barring the middle one where the nude polish is coupled with rhinestones placed strategically on the nail. Just stunning!

The Nude Look With Rhinestone Detailing

7. The Elongated And Rich Look

This one would surely turn heads in a party and showcase your richness in every way! The gold glitters and the nude shades in the middle are just super stunners in all ways than ever. Try it and see the difference.

The Elongated And Rich Look

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