7 Stacked Haircut Ideas

Stacked Haircut Ideas

The type of dress, makeup and hairstyle play an important role in the looks, beauty, and personality of women. The hairstyle can completely transform your looks making you look beautiful while enhancing your features. Thus, choosing the right haircut is very essential. A stacked haircut looks very nice and it has a charming appeal. It can be made in a short length and medium length. The backside of the hair is cut in a stacked way. Gradual layers are cut with a round shape. The hair at the front side is cut at an angle instead of a straight cut. There are many types of stacked hairstyles for getting attractive looks. We will suggest some hairstyles for you.

Following Are The 7 Stacked Haircut Ideas:

1. Wavy Stacked Bob:

Wavy Stacked Bob haircut looks very nice with waves made in the hair. For this, get a short bob haircut in a stacked style in which the hair in cut in angles and layers making the stack. After that, create waves in the hair. Curl the hair and spread it with fingers to make natural waves. The wavy stacked bob will enhance you beauty and looks.

Wavy Stacked Bob

2. Blonde Stack With Deep Side Bang:

Blonde Stack With Deep Side Bang is a rocking stacked hairstyle. To get this look, cut the hair in a long bob haircut with a stacked style and bangs made in a parting that is towards the extreme side or deep inside. Turn the bang towards the left side or right side for a side swept look. Use blonde hair color on the hair. Let the hair fall over and overlap the forehead and eye of one side.

Blonde Stack With Deep Side Bang

3. Asymmetrical Stacked Bob:

Asymmetrical Stacked Bob is made with unequal hair length of both sides. To get this look, cut the hair in an asymmetrical short bob with a stack. Cut the front sides of the hair in unequal lengths making one side short and the other side longer to create an asymmetrical look. Cut the backside of the bob in a stack. The hairstyle looks amazing with asymmetry.

 Asymmetrical Stacked Bob



4. Stacked Bob With Shaved Undercut:

Stacked Bob With Shaved Undercut is an eye catching and unique hairstyle for women who want to look different. Get a short stacked bob haircut. Give a shaved undercut to the hair at the backside. Spread the hair in the front to get a messy look. Color the hair with a purple hair color.

Stacked Bob With Shaved Undercut


5. Two-Tone Angled Stack:

Two-Tone Angled Stack is a beautiful hairstyle with two hair colors used in an interesting way. Make the hairstyle by cutting the hair in a long layered bob haircut. Cut a long bob along with layers made in a stacked style. Use double hair color by coloring some hair starnds in platinum blonde color while coloring the some hair in a fuchsia hair color. Use both colors in a color blocking technique for a contrast in the colors.

Two-Tone Angled Stack


6. Stacked A-Line Bob:

Stacked A-Line Bob is an interesting hairstyle that makes you look charming. For this, get a long bob haircut below the shoulder level with an A-line cut. Cut the bob in an A-line instead of the usual style. Cut the backside in a stacked style.

Stacked A-Line Bob

7. Voluminous Medium-Length Bob:

Voluminous Medium-Length Bob is a beautiful stacked haircut styles in a unique way. To get this look, cut the hair in a medium stacked bob up to the level of the shoulders. Instead of just making the stack at the backside, add volume in the upper part and sides of the hair. Tease the hair at the top for adding height to the hair. Use dry shampoo on the hair.

Voluminous Medium-Length Bob