7 Sinful Habits You Should Give Up Immediately To Get Glowing Skin

Sinful Habits You Should Give Up Immediately To Get Glowing Skin

Your daily routine might be ruining your skin health. Bad habits do have a negative impact on our health of which skin quality deterioration becomes noticeable easily. So why not kick away the sinful habits born partly out of lethargy and partly out of the comfortable inertia cocoon built around you.

Let Us Explore Our Sinful Habits That We Must Kick Away To Get Back The Luster On Our Skin:

1. Not Having Shower Properly:

Personal hygiene and habits can play havoc with your skin. In case of having a regular shower, a lot depends upon the way you do it and how frequently you do and all of these affect your skin in a big way. Not taking a shower regularly could tarnish your skin health as you develop an ugly coat of dirt on your dermal layer. Overdoing is bad as well like if you shower too much with hot water rubbing and scraping yourself with harsh soaps you are in fact stripping your skin of its essential oils and turning your skin texture dry. A daily thorough wash with cold water is better applying soap free shower gel containing paraffin oil, water and preservatives in place of skin eroding soaps.

Not having shower properly

2. Sleeping For Long Hours Every Day:

The conventional belief of sleeping eight hours a day could be misleading and it can ruin your skin health. A brief 15 to 20 minutes power nap can be better than long night hours when you are into a deep slumber. Our sleep pattern has to be altered to get skin benefits from sleep. It can be broken into fragments called” fyrste sleep” where you sleep two hours in the early evening after which you have your supper and socialize with family and friends then four hours of uninterrupted sleep from bed time till early hours of the morning, and then again an hour of power nap during the day time. This fragmented sleep schedule will give you a healthy and lustrous skin.

Sleeping for long hours every day

3. Not Washing Your Face Before Retiring To Bed:

Not washing your face before retiring to bed is bad for your skin because this will result in accumulation of dirt and make ups on your skin surface ultimately clogging your skin pores. The worse thing is when you sleep your body temperature rises slightly which helps in the absorption of the foreign particles and dirt through your skin.

Not washing your face before retiring to bed

4. Using Hot Or Very Cold Water To Wash Your Face:

If you wash your face with hot water it will leave you skin dehydrated, and if you wash your skin with cold water it will tighten your skin pores. So the best option is to go for lukewarm water so that the glint in your skin is retained. If you have a reddish skin it is best to use cool water and not very cold water as this unwinds your blood vessels.

Using hot or very cold water to wash your face

5. Smoking Habit:

Smoking is very injurious to your skin as it adds wrinkles. Smoking is a big hindrance to the natural skin repair and it clogs the blood vessels hampering the continuous flow of blood throughout the body and skin. It adds extra few years in your appearance more than your actual biological age.

Smoking habit

6. Regular Intake Of Alcohol:

Frequent consumption of alcohol is sure a bad habit that dehydrates your skin. Alcohol removes essential oils from the face and causes blood capillaries in the face to inflate and rupture causing permanent damage to facial skin.

Regular Intake Of Alcohol:

7. Too Much Of Skin Exfoliation:

Occasional exfoliation is good for your skin removing dead cells, but too much of it may hamper production of essential oils in skin and is also harsh on skin health.

Too much of skin exfoliation

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