7 Simple Ways To Pick A Right Hair Colour

Ways To Pick A Right Hair Colour

Trying to reinvent your entire look this season? Well, what’s better than choosing a striking new hair colour then? But then, choosing a hair colour comes with its own pros and cons. While most people think that the probability of a new hair colour turning out good is a hit and trial process, but the reality is opposite. If only people know the correct way to pick up hair colours according to their skin tones, they will never end up getting disappointed. So, we have bring forth our list of 7 simple ways to choose a right hair care that will look exceptionally good, and will enhance your looks and add to your style quotient.

1. Know Your Undertone:

By undertone we do not mean have a check on how fair, dusky or dark you are. Skin is made up of multiple layers. And not all the layers underneath the epidermis are the same as your epidermis is. Undertone is the colour of the skin under epidermis. It can be warm, cool as well as neutral. And your hair colour should be complementing your undertone more than your complexion.

Know Your Undertone

2. Stand In Natural Light:

It is quite possible to confuse your undertone with a different one under different lights. Thus, stand in natural light in order to find out what undertone you are. The cleaner your face is, the closer you are to finding your true undertone. If the tint is pink or olive, your undertone is cool. If the tint is ranging between yellow to golden, your undertone is warm. If the tint is a mix of warm and cool, your undertone is neutral.

Stand In Natural Light

3. Keep Contrast:

The striking the difference between your skin and hair is, the better your looks will be. So, always ensure to choose a shade darker that the colour of your skin. The contrast will automatically bring the best out of your features.

Keep Contrast

4. Mind Your Eye Colour:

It’s not just the skin colour and undertone that helps in picking a right hair colour, even your eye colour matters a lot. Do not ever choose a hair colour closer to your eye colour. It will flatten your appearance. So, avoid going for light colours if your eye colour is lighter, and vice versa. The more contrasting the hair colour will be than your eyes and skin, the more will be the chances that you’ll be ending up with a right hair colour.

Mind Your Eye Colour

5. Be Realistic About Longevity:

Well, if you’re one of those lazy dazies who are too shy of seeking parlours again and again, then subtle is the right word for you. The bolder the colour will be, the more touch-ups it will be needing. Settle down with more natural look. Notch up the colour not more than one tone darker that what your real hair colour is.

Be Realistic About Longevity

6. Do Virtual Colour Testing:

There are various virtual apps that can actually help you morph your hair colour. Just ensure that the picture you use for a virtual colour testing is closest to your real self. Wash off your make up and click a picture in natural light without using a flash. Do not edit it. You’re good to go and test different colours.

Do Virtual Colour Testing

7. Make Color And Complexion Contrast:

Go for lighter colours if your epidermis is lighter, and darker colours if it is dark. And by colour, we do not mean shade. There are ranges of shades for a single hair colour. What we mean is, use a lighter shade of brown if you are fair, and a darker shade of brown if you’re dark, and so on.

Make Color And Complexion Contrast

The 7 listed ways can actually be your personal hacks on nailing down a hair colour that will feel right and look right.

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