7 Simple Body Fitness Tips And Their Benefits

Body Fitness Tips And Their Benefits

Health is wealth. We have heard this proverb from times immemorial. Fitness is part of the parts of a good health. Unless you have fitness of your body you will be unable to perform even your daily routine properly. To keep your body a hundred percent fit there are some simple routines which are easy to perform and need very little money.

Here Are The 7 Simple Body Fitness Tips And Their Benefits:


Among natural ways, swimming is a very popular and effective way to enhance your fitness. Swimming is a great exercise of the overall whole body. It helps to make your entire body trim and activates different glands of your body. Good secretion of hormones helps to make your body healthy fit. Daily one hour free style is very effective to enhance flexibility of your body.


Free Hand Exercises:

Daily free hand exercise is very effective to maintain your body fitness. Touch your toes or stretch your arms and legs. Cobra stretch, super stretch, car stretch, bow down, basic leg and arm stretch, etc. contributes to enhancing the flexibility of your body muscles. At least 15 minutes stretching at the regular basis help to keep your body pain free and hundred percent fit.

Free Hand Exercises

Good Posture:

Upright posture always is needed to obtain fitness. Do not slouch while you walk. Sit straight always. If you bend down your spinal cord due to bad posture, it will create pain on your back. Keep your spinal cord straight and strong and keep your chin high always while walking. A good posture is always needed to maintain fitness of your body.

Good Posture

Regular Exposure To Sun:

Regular exposure to the sun is needed to have an excellent fitness. Sunrays are the only natural source of vitamin D. Vitamin D helps calcium to get absorbed in the body. More absorption of calcium means more bone structure. Vitamin D deficiency makes your bone fragile and creates pain all over the body. Moreover exposure to sunrays helps your body to absorb different minerals and nutrients from different types of foods. All these nutrients are needed in order to keep your body fit.

Regular Exposure To Sun

Calcium Rich Food:

Eating calcium rich food daily is needed if you want to remain fit. Milk, yogurt, cheese, ice-cream, etc. are excellent source of calcium. Drink at least 2 glasses of plain fat free milk daily. Apart from that make habit of taking sour yogurt at the end of your two major meals not only to digest food, but also to supply calcium. To obtain the fitness of the whole body you need to eat a good amount of calcium rich food daily.

Calcium Rich Food

Healthy Diet:

Add fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables and other vegetables, carbohydrate and protein in your daily diet to get a continuous supply of different types of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and proteins. These nutrients are essential to keep you fit. To get carbohydrate supply eat wheat and rice products such as bread, rice, pasta, etc. daily. Egg, chicken, beef, pork, and different lentils are excellent source of protein. Eat them daily and remain fit happily.

Healthy Diet

Adequate Sleep:

Adequate sleep in our childhood and adolescent period is needed in order to gain overall fitness of your body. We all are aware that during our sleep our body repairs the damages, generate tissues, muscles and bones. So regular sleep for at least 5-6 hours is required for us to repair our body daily. So do not hesitate to sleep as much as possible.

Get Proper Rest And Sleep

Follow these simple fitness routine and get the best possible fitness.

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