7 Shoulder Length Hairstyles With Layers

Hairstyles With Layers

Women like to dress up well with the latest fashion trends and hairstyles. They pay a lot of attention to grooming and beauty. Most people in the present time lead a very fast and hectic life with very less time left for taking care of oneself. An easy to maintain and hassle-free hairstyle helps in getting ready for the day’s work very quickly. Medium hairstyles up to the level of the shoulders are an ideal choice for women who want to look stylish with an easily manageable style. Choose the medium hairstyle with layers for this. We will suggest some easy hairstyles.

Following Are The 7 Shoulder Length Hairstyles With Layers.

1. Soft Curls Hairstyle

Soft Curls hairstyle looks very nice with a medium length. To get this look, get a medium haircut up to the level of the shoulders. Make soft curls in the hair. For this, wash and dry the hair. Use a styling product. Fix a round brush on the hair dryer and run it through the hair. Use thermal protection spray. Use a barrel hair curler for curling your hair. Pass the fingers through the hair and spread the hair. Lastly, apply hold finishing spray.

Soft Curls Hairstyle

2. Feathered V-Layers

Feathered V-Layers is a suitable hairstyle for women who want a medium length haircut. It looks like the hair of horse flowing in the air. For this, cut the hair up to the level of shoulders in a medium length. Cut layers in front of the face in a feathered style. Cut the layers short in length in a face-framing manner. Give a layered cut behind the head with long layers.

Feathered V-Layers

3. Shag Cut Hairstyle With Choppy Layers

Shag Cut hairstyle looks very nice on medium length hair. To get this look, get a shoulder length haircut. Cut the hair in a shag style with choppy layers. Make spiky texture on the hair. This is an ideal hairstyle for thick hair with volume and movement.

Shag Cut Hairstyle With Choppy Layers

4. Flaming Fringe

Flaming Fringe is a medium length hairstyle that gives bright look. Get a medium length haircut slightly below the chin level. The hair should touch the shoulders. Make layers surrounding the face. Along with this, cut a thick bang. It will make a fringe. For styling the hair, turn the bangs to the front side with the help of a hair dryer to make the hair straight and smooth. Make the hair straight by using a hair straightener.

 Flaming Fringe

5. Layered Wavy Lob

Layered Wavy Lob is a flattering and attractive hairstyle that includes long bob. Cut the hair up to the level of the shoulders in a long bob hairstyle. Cut short layers behind the head. This will help in increasing the volume in the hair. Make waves in the hair by spreading the hair. It gives a modern look to the hair.

Layered Wavy Lob


6. Fancy Flip

Fancy Flip is a very good hairstyle for medium length hair. Get a layered cut on shoulder length hair. Cut small layers near your cheekbones while giving a feather cut to the layers below this level. Make a side parting in the hair for an asymmetrical style. For styling the hair, make it smooth. After that, divide the hair into several sections. Curl each part with a hair curler. Flip the hair ends in an outward direction. Add height to the hair by teasing crown hair.

Fancy Flip

7. Choppy Waves Hairstyle

Choppy Waves hairstyle is very beautiful and stylish. Give a shoulder length haircut to the hair of a medium length. Make long side bangs in the hair. Also, cut layers for giving a bouncy touch. Highlight the hair with a blonde color. It will help in making the hair look bright.

Choppy Waves Hairstyle

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