7 Short Hairstyles For Older Women

7 Short Hairstyles For Older Women

The young women are very conscious about their clothes and hairstyles so they follow the latest fashion and trend. With increasing age, the fashion choice of most women undergoes a major change. They follow the fashion trends according to their age. When a woman becomes older, she tries to choose a hairstyle that is more comfortable in managing and styling. The age does not stop her from trying different hairstyles in order to look good and trendy. Short hairstyle is very suitable for elderly women as it is easy to maintain the hair. We will suggest some short hairstyles for aged women. Following are the 7 short hairstyles for older women.

1. Full Fringe Effect Hairstyle

Full Fringe Effect hairstyle suits the elderly and aged women. For this, get a thick pixie haircut. Ask your hairdresser to cut several layers along with the pixie to get fringes. Give a soft finish to the hair with spikes on top. For styling the hair, use a hair dryer to turn the hair in the forward direction near the forehead. Wait till the hair becomes dry. Swoop the hair using a hair curler by flicking the hair endings. Lastly, apply a hair cream on the hair.

Full Fringe Effect Hairstyle


2. Bouncy Bob Hairstyle

The Bouncy bob hairstyle looks very nice on older women. Get a bob haircut up to the level of the nape or upper neck. Make a layered bob. Style the straight hair by using a hair curler to flip the ending part of the hair. For this look, use a barrel type of hair curler. It will give a bouncy bob hairstyle.

Bouncy Bob Hairstyle


3. Mussy Shag Hairstyle

The elderly women can choose the Mussy Shag hairstyle to look stylish and classy. Get a shag haircut of a short length. Apply salt spray on the hair to get a mussy style. Besides this, you can also apply a texturizing spray on the hair. Wait till the hair becomes dry. After that, scrunch the hair to make it mussy and choppy.

Mussy Shag Hairstyle


4. Double Knot Hairstyle

Double Knot hairstyle involves making a bob with twists and knots. Get an A-line bob haircut up to the level of the nape in a short length. Style the hair by turning the hair backward with a hair dryer. Tease hair near the crown area. Use a hair spray on this area to make the hair last. Divide the hair near the ear into sections. Create knots in these sections by twisting the hair. Make two knots one on each side of the head.

Double Knot Hairstyle

5. Sassy And Stacked Bob Hairstyle

A Sassy and Stacked Bob hairstyle is an ideal look if you want short length hair. Get this look by cutting the hair in a short layered bob hairstyle up to the nape or upper neck. Make several layers cut one above the other in a stacked manner. This will help in creating a hair bump with volume. The hairstyle gives a modern and young look to the face.

Sassy And Stacked Bob Hairstyle


6. Soft Tousled Waves

Soft Tousled Waves is an interesting short hairstyle for older women. To get this hairstyle, cut the hair in a bob. Cut some hair in flicks near the crown area. Spread the flicks with fingers or comb to make waves and tousle the hair.

Soft Tousled Waves

7. Well Rounded Pixie Hairstyle

The Well Rounded Pixie hairstyle suits older women with an oval face shape. Get a pixie haircut with bangs and layers. Ask your hairdresser to cut long sweeping bangs. Create volume in the hair with the help of layers. For styling the hair, use a hair dryer with round brush. Lift hair roots in an upper direction when you are blow-drying the hair. Smoothen the bangs with a hair straightener.

Well Rounded Pixie Hairstyle

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