7 Shaggy Bob Haircut Ideas

Shaggy Bob Haircut

A Bob haircut is a popular hairstyle of the olden times and its popularity is still high in the present times. It is adopted in fashion circles with much enthusiasm and liking. Thus, a bob is a classic hairstyle that will be always be most loved choice of women of all ages and times. There are many types of bob with straight, wavy, curly and other types of bob. If you want an edgy and messy look, go for the shaggy bob hairstyle. The hairstyle looks very charming and it has a lot of texture. A shaggy bob is seen in the streets and common people as well as high fashion circles and areas. Many types of variations are possible in a shaggy bob style. We will suggest some shaggy bobs for you.

Following Are The 7 Shaggy Bob Haircut Ideas:

1. Messy Curly Long Bob:

Messy Curly Long Bob hairstyle is a flattering look that makes you look feminine. For this look, get a long bob hair cut in a shaggy style. Curl the hair with the help of a hair curler. Spread the hair with fingers to get a messy look with the curls. Curl the hair lightly.

Messy Curly Long Bob

2. Long Shaggy Bob With Choppy Layers:

Long Shaggy Bob With Choppy Layers hairstyle looks very nice. Get a long bob haircut up to the level of the collarbone. It will look especially good if the hair is straight and thick. Cut choppy layers in the hair. It will add a lot of movement in the hair. The shaggy bob cut in this way gives a flattering silhouette to the hair.

Long Shaggy Bob With Choppy Layers


3. Long Shaggy Bob With Ombre:

Long Shaggy Bob With Ombre is a beautiful hairstyle made with a bob cut. To get this hairstyle, cut the hair in a long shaggy bob haircut up to the level of the neck. Color the hair with an ombre hair color. The shades of color on the hair strands will make the shaggy bob look very stunning and gorgeous.

Long Shaggy Bob With Ombre

4. Shaggy Bob With Sliced Layers:

Shaggy Bob With Sliced Layers is suitable for round faces as it helps in hiding the imperfection or the roundness of the face. Get a shaggy bob haircut. Along with this, cut sliced layers in the hair. The hair surrounds the face like a frame. Flick the hair upwards and sideways. Make the tips of the hair textured.

Shaggy Bob With Sliced Layers

5. Short Shaggy Blonde Bob:

Short Shaggy Blonde Bob hairstyle is ideal for a professional look for office wear. It will be nice if you have blonde hair. Cut the blonde hair in a short shaggy bob haircut. Cut the hair in angles when making the bob. Cut layers and long bang in the hair. Turn the bangs towards the side for a side swept look. It gives a textured and chic look to the hair making you attract attention.

Short Shaggy Blonde Bob

6. Short Shaggy Wavy Bob:

Short Shaggy Wavy Bob hairstyle will be a god choice for those who want short length hair. Cut the hair in a short shaggy bob haircut up to the level of the chin. Curl the hair and spread it to make waves in the hair. Spread the waves in different directions and show off your wavy shaggy bob look. Let some hair cover and fall on the forehead and cheeks for a cute look.

Short Shaggy Wavy Bob


7. Medium Brown Tousled Bob:

Medium Brown Tousled Bob gives an amazing look to the face and hair. To get this look, cut the hair in a medium length shaggy bob haircut up to the level of the shoulders or the neck. Cut layers in the hair along with the shaggy cut. Tousle the hair. Use brown hair color that helps in making the hair look shiny.

Medium Brown Tousled Bob

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