7 Self Tanners You May Love

The world is full of eccentricities; you have the pack of souls running after luminously fair skin and the other one claim to have a fan of tan. Tans are easy to get, you might say. After all, there is nothing much to do except taking sunbathe with arms resting behind the head. But would you really risk yourself to causing wrinkles that will age your skin before you actually do? Assuming no is an answer, we direct you to self tanners. Like fairness skin you dab bronze cream to get a faux bronze-y glow. Self tanning creams are also having a grip in the market and the challenge is to pick the most balanced natural looking tanner which is real despite fake. But of course, the basics stay the same, exfoliate and shave before tanner application, focus on the key areas to rub tan like knees, elbows and face.

Here Are 7 Self Tanners You May Love

1. Aqua Tan Self Tanning Body Milk

In an unusual combination of skin hydrating formula and perfect tan color after application lays the Aqua Tan’s USP. Enriched with green, white tea an cucumber extracts, the lightly scented self tanner sets beautifully and stays for a good three hours to give the desired tanned appearance.

Aqua Tan Self Tanning body milk

2. Dior Bronze Tanner

The self tanner will meet the demands of a tanner that gives the tanned look only just. Thanks to its light and easily spread texture, it can be applied easily with its smoothness felt on the body. The tan effect is such that you may consider this as the round the year go-to self tanner. Oh yes, it dries real quickly!

Dior Bronze Tanner

3. Torrez Bronzing Mousse

Tanned look is not about bronze-y look all the time. If you agree and want that “golden look”, St. Torrez will give you the most realistic color in a jiffy for it can dry within 30 minutes. The smell is pleasant that stays right through the day. But the heartening fact for males out there is that this is a good self tanner for a start.

Torrez Bronzing Mousse

4. Clarin’s Intense Bronze Self Tanning Tint

See the golden turn to hardcore natural tan over time with Clarin’s self tanner; best way to get both look with one single application of this non-greasy self tanner that also opens clogged pore.

Clarin’s Intense Bronze Self Tanning Tint

5. Fake Bake 60 Minutes

This will not end up as a prank played on you. Fake Bake 60 minutes will get you the tanned skin quickly indeed. Rub the lotion all over the body and let it dry off for an hour before a quick wash. The effect is magnificent, good enough to give an impression that you were on vacation. Professional mitt helps you stitch time you are running against.

Fake Bake 60 Minutes

6. Michael Kor’s Liquitan Self Tanner

Every bit of the tanned package is justified with this self tanner which is equally fabulous and gives coppery glow. The sandalwood scent releases all the misconception of self tanners having rancid smell.

Michael Kor’s Liquitan Self Tanner

7. Decleor Aroma Sun Expert

More and even jollier smell is delivered in Decleor Aroma Sun Expert that natural looking tanned and incentivizes the skin with anti-aging skin complex to banish skin woes like wrinkles and fine lines. Yummy is what you smell and say when this non-greasy self tanner exudes rose and vanilla smell.

Decleor Aroma Sun Expert

The above mentioned self tanners are amazingly effective and easy to use. So, try them on!

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