7 Scary Halloween Lip Art Ideas 

Halloween is coming to knock the door of our scary mind. Every year you get ready with scary face in pumpkins, cobwebs, decorated haunted houses, decorated creepy foods, terrifying dress ups in the party. May be you are already making plans for the party with family and friends. But are you ready for a new frightening look for the Halloween? You can arrange the scary outfit, but have you thought about a really daunting make-up? Well, your creative creepy make -up can rock the scary occasion. You can try some unique lip art in this year to stun your friends and family.

Here Are The 7 Scary Halloween Lip Art Ideas:

1. Bat Art

This lip art is incredible. It is the perfect lip art for a scary black dress. Colour your upper lip with black lipstick or colour. Mind it the edges must be sharp. The lower lips will be designed with some clean lines and then with small bats. The bats should be in a flying mode. We can assure you people will appreciate your artistic mind.


2. Bloody Art

Wear a dark pink shade lipstick which suits you. Then take red colour and give dots at the right end of the lower lip. Make sure that this red colour goes down like you are bleeding or you have just eaten some animal or human being like Dracula.


3. Spider Art

Wear a dark purple colour lipstick to make your lips beautiful. Now paint a spider with black, grey and white colour to give it a look of real spider. Design it as if it is moving out from your mouth. Isn’t it scary? Oh, take a deep breath.


4. Lightening Art

This lip art is unique and colourful. If your hand is steady then just do it. People will think your lips are in lightening zone. First, colour your lips with elective blue, then make some highlight from the edges with pink and at last use white for creating sharp lightening effects.


5. Stitched Art

Do you want to scare your closed ones? Then try this stitched shut lips art. Don’t wear any lipstick or base colour on lips. Leave it natural. Now take a red colour like blood and paint on the lower lip as if it is bleeding. Now take a thick thread, stick it on your lips through outside with glue. The design of the thread must look crisscross. Now give a red dot on the ends of the thread.


6. Open Eye Art

Paint your lips like eyes, one really open scary eye with elective blue eyeball with some eyelids. This design will change your entire frightening look. You can colour the outside of your real eyes in black, so that people will see that you have only eye which is in the lower portion of the face.


7. Scary Teeth Art

Create a wide series of giant teeth in the place of your lips. Paint black in the middle of the teeth. Now paint with red colour outside the giant teeth area as if you have bleeding lips with wide mandible and giant teeth. With this lip art you have to paint your eyes with black colour. Create wide design in outside the eyes.


The above mentioned lip art ideas are just amazing and will make your halloween a special one.

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