7 Scarlett Johansson’s Beauty Rules

Scarlett Johansson's Beauty Rules

With those angelic facial features, porcelain skin, golden locks and an hourglass figure, Scarlett Johansson truly epitomizes beauty and talent. And for the same reason, she’s hailed as the most desirable beauty in Hollywood and has starred in countless movies. A firm believer of the adage ‘less is more’, she has been following a very minimalistic beauty routine, even before she became a mother and never goes to the extent of going for expensive beauty treatments in spas, to maintain her ravishing looks. Instead, she makes use of whatever free time she gets in gathering information on natural skincare and makes it a point to hit the gym on a regular basis.

Here’s A Peek Into The Secret Beauty Regime Of This Celebrated Actress:

Skin Cleansing

This face of ‘Dolce and Gabbana’ adheres to a strict cleansing routine at the end of a day no matter what time it is and never goes to bed with make-up on. She uses cetaphil facial cleanser for her sensitive skin.

Clean your skin gently


Banishing all costly beauty products, this beauty icon splashes her face with pure apple cider vinegar every night to tone her skin as for her it’s a great remedy for skin which is prone to breakouts. She thinks that it’s good for the skin to remain away from the harsh chemicals found in most of the beauty potions available in the market.

Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize


This ‘Lost in Translation’ star swears by using honey as a face mask on her skin as it has healing and moisturizing properties. She also makes use of crude lemon to instantly brighten up her face.

Apply Fullers Earth Face Mask

No-Foundation Rule

Foundation is a big no-no for Miss Jo when she is’nt shooting as it gives skin plenty of time to heal and recover after remaining under layers of make-up during her shoots. She, however sticks to using a concealer to even out her complexion and a coat of mascara on her lashes.

ditch the foundation

Red Lipstick

This Hollywood diva loves to dress up for special occasions and whenever she has to instantly transform herself into a party-queen she finds refuge in the eternal red lipstick from Dolce and Gabbana and with a sweep of eyeliner across her eyelids and sharpened brows, she’s all ready to rock and roll. Sure, one can never go wrong with red lipstick.

Red Lipstick

Regular Workouts

That enviable slender body this siren possesses is a result of a stringent workout schedule she follows. According to her, it’s pivotal to have a regular exercise routine in order to get best results and she tries to get into the habit of keeping it regular for as long as she can, since she finds it difficult to return to the same regimen once she lazes-off from it.

Exercise Regularly

Healthful Diet

Scarlett has always been particular about her eating patterns and loads herself with a wholesome diet which includes super foods. So, every meal she has is accompanied by atleast one super food.

Add The Mentioned Foods To Your Diet

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