7 Rolex Watches For The Ladies In The Market

Rolex Watches

Rolex is a giant in the watch industry and if you have a Rolex watch then you always at the center of the attraction for everyone, everyone wants this watch at any cost, these watches are quite expensive but Rolex never compromises with the quality and the price is worth for it, you have many jewels for all the part of the body and your wrist should not be left behind, Rolex watches are jewels for you and gives you a attractive personality. Rolex watches have many designs and styles, it not only shows the time but also gives you many other information also.

Here Are Some Of The Rolex Watches For The Ladies:

1. Pearl Master 39 Rolex Watch:

This is a nice watch for the ladies, this is an eye catching watch because Rolex craftsmen use the 18 K white gold to make the strap of it, also the dial is made up of the white diamonds, with the nideel minutes and seconds, the most attractive part of this watch is that it has the blue and the pink diamond embedded on the dial, as you wear this, your appearance will be splendid to another level, you can adjust this according the size of your wrist.

Pearl Master 39 Rolex Watch

2. Lady Datejust 28 With Rose Gold Bracelet:

This is the perfect jewel for the ladies who love to have the rose gold on their wrist, this watch is made up of the 18 K rose gold, the dial is made up of the shiny chocolate colors and then numbers are in the diamonds, it also displays the date, the circle is made up of the diamonds, the straps is of the rose gold and that can be adjustable, the best part is the logo of the Rolex denotes the 12 and the roman letter IX, this is the perfect option for the wedding and celebrations.

 Lady Datejust 28 With Rose Gold Bracelet

3. Rolex Datejust 36 Mother Of Pearl:

If you want a colorful watch then this is the best watch for you, the over all appearance of this watch is pretty good, it has the yellow and white gold in the bracelet, you will the get the diamonds on the circle and the outer line should be in the gold, the dial is made up of the mother of pearl which it original and that adds the uniqueness of this watch to a next level, the bracelet is adjustable, the hours are made up of the square diamonds and the logo of the Rolex appears at the top.

Rolex Datejust 36 Mother Of Pearl:

4. Lady Datejust 28 Yellow Gold:

If you love the yellow gold then this the watch for you, this is an expensive watch and the over all design is also so unique, so if your planning to add something unique to your outfit for the celebration then it is the best option for you, this watch is made up of pure 18 K gold, dual color of the straps look attractive, the dial is in also the same yellow color and matches with your skin perfectly, the diamonds are embedded on the circles and you will notice extra glass over the date column, the dialing knob is big and classy, the numbers are also made up of the diamonds except the 9 and the 12.
Lady Datejust 28 Yellow Gold

5. Rolex Datejust 36 Leather Strap:

This watch is loved by most of the ladies, the pink color of this water gives a perfect appearance on the wrist, this watch has not metal bracelet it has the leather which is also pink in color, the leather is soft, the dial is black in color that gives this watch a royal look, it has not any diamonds on it, the circles is simple and the glass is concave on the date number, the number are embedded in the roman style and with the logo at the top, you can wear this watch for office and for celebration purpose.

Rolex Datejust 36 Leather Strap

6. Pearlmaster 29 White Gold And Pink Dial:

This is the watch for those who wants simple but rich look on their wrist, this watch you can wear at the office, it has the elegance design, Rolex uses the white gold for this, the dial circle is made up of the diamonds and the dial is made up of the shiny pink color, the dual tone looks attractive, the numbers are in roman letter in simple style.

Pearlmaster 29 White Gold And Pink Dial

7. Rolex Datejust 28 Gold Bracelet And Green Dial:

This watch has an elegance design, the olive green dial with diamond hours and logo of Rolex look so attractive on the wrist of anyone, the bracelet is made up of the rose gold and it is adjustable, the diamonds are embedded all over the dial circle and give it an unique looks, this watch is the best jewel for the lady for every occasions.

Rolex Datejust 28 Gold Bracelet And Green Dial

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