7 Quick Homemade Scrubs For A Smoother, Fairer Butt


Butt is one of the body parts which get dark, rough and completely patchy! This is one of the common problems both men and women face and surely want to get rid of! For carrying a stunning bikini this season, you would surely need to cleanse off your butt and remove all the darkness, patchiness, rough skin out and make it look flawless just as all the other body parts! Scrubbing can be a boon when it comes to removing dark and patchy skin! In the case of butt cleansing too, you can use some cool and high impact scrubs which can simply work wonders on your skin! Scrubbing helps in removing the dark and ugly skin by deep cleansing the skin, exfoliating it, opening the pores and removing all the impurities make it look brightened and glorious. If you are looking for some such amazing and promising scrubbing recipes go with these cool and choicest natural remedies and scrubs which can make your butt glow!

1. Lemon juice honey scrub

Lemon juice is one of the most amazing deep cleansing ingredients which make the skin glowing and brightened. If you are having dark and patchy skin on your buttocks and also are facing the issue of rough and dry skin, you can try this amazing mask which can make your buttocks smoother, brighter and even toned. Mix some honey and lemon juice and massage your butt with this mixture and get adorable a butt!

 Lemon juice honey scrub
2. Turmeric chick pea flour scrub

Honey is a wonderful and extremely redefining ingredient which has a cool herbal impact on the skin. From fighting patchy and dark skin to making the skin bright, smooth and shinier, turmeric powder does it all! Mix some turmeric powder and chick pea flour and mix with water, scrub your butt with this amazing scrub regularly and you would get an awesome but!

Turmeric chick pea flour scrub

3. Orange peel yogurt honey

These ingredients are the best and miraculous ingredients for skin care and skin brightening. If you are fed up of remedies and medications which did not work for you butt, you can try this awesome blend and make it gorgeous! Orange peel powder, yogurt and honey are the antibacterial ingredients which can fight the bacteria fungus and other such issues which can make out butt darker. Try this and get cool results!
Orange peel yogurt honey

4. Aloe Vera gel

If you love aloe Vera gel, here is a cool scrub from it which can get you adorable butt! You can also mix some lemon juice also with aloe to make it more impactful. Rub your butt with this amazing blend and get fair, smooth and supple skin in no time!
. Aloe Vera gel

5. Coffee sugar

Coffee powder is one of the most finest and promising scrubbing agents which can work wonders on your skin. It is not only enough to get bright skin but also it tightens the skin and fight cellulite. Mix some coffee powder with sugar crystals and scrub your butt with this awesome blend. You would get adorable results within just a few applications!

 Coffee sugar

6. Oatmeal honey scrub

If you want some enviable and glorious skin ion your butt, try this cool and redefining scrub which can get awesome results! This cool scrub made from oatmeal and honey would brighten, cleanse and smoothen your butt an make it look clean and clear!

7. Cocoa butter rose scrub

Cocoa butter is filled with skin smoothening and brightening elements which would never fail on your butt too! Mix some cocoa butter and rose water and get beautiful, bright, pinky glowing and blissful skin on your butt within some applications!



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