7 Products To Make Your Braids Last Longer

Girls are more careful towards their hair and put in all efforts to keep them protected. Making braids is the most protective method for hair and is also great for length retention. Some girls prefer wearing waves for a week and other for more than a week or even more than a month. Braids are actually everyone’s go-to protective hairstyle to keep hair hidden from heat. Well, let’s not deny that keeping braids last long is not that easy task. Girls need to take few measures so that these braids last as long as possible. However, some girls are unaware of these measures. So, we have brought seven products that help girls keep their braids last long. These products not only help in keeping the braids in place for a long time but also nourish them.

Here Are 7 Products To Make Your Braids Last Longer

1. Pomades To Hold Braids Tight

We all know that to make braids stay for long, we need to give them a perfect installation. Gels and pomades are the things that must not be avoided. They help in holding braids tight for a longer period. This burnt sugar pomade is the best pick for keeping the braids shine and give them a stronghold.

Pomades To Hold Braids Tight

2. Hair Tonic

When tied for long, braids start stinking. To keep your braids fresh and stink-free, you will need this hair tonic. The stink forces girls to open up their braids and wash them to remove the stink. This hair tonic is enriched with nourishing vitamins, herbs, and tea tree oil that not only keep the braids fresh but also moisturize them.

Hair Tonic

3. Oil For Scalp

Oil keeps hair moisturized and protects it from any sort of damage. But, when you are styling your hair into protective braids, you will have to take care of your scalp as well. This oil will help in locking the moisturized and provide elasticity to the new growth when braids begin to thug at their roots.

Oil For Scalp

4. Spray To Avoid Itching

Itchiness is an obvious problem that occurs when you scratch your braids. This hair spray has orange and peppermint oil that provide a soothing effect to your scalp. It also helps in minimizing the itchiness in the scalp. This is a great solution to soothe itchiness instantly while wearing protective braiding hairstyle.

Spray To Avoid Itching

5. Hair Wax

This melt-in hair balm or wax is an amazing product to keep hair back in place after sweating or swimming your hair out. After your hair gets wet, take a small amount of wax and apply it on each braid from top to bottom. It will give a non-sticky, low hold finish to your braids.

Hair Wax

6. Moisturizing Butter

It is suggested to prep your hair with this moisturizing butter before braiding to keep your hair healthy. It also helps to manage your hair while the protecting braiding hairstyle is in. This is a nutrient rich product that moisturizes and repairs your hair. It also makes your braids look shinier and healthier. It provides strength to your braids and reduces daily hair breakage.

Moisturizing Butter

7. Anti-breakage Serum

It is one of the most important products used in braiding hairstyle. This anti-breakage serum helps in maintaining damaged hair by controlling frizziness and mending split ends. The keratin proteins and coconut oil keep hair nourished and moisturized. When applied, this serum makes your protective braid hairstyle more protective and strengthening.

Anti-breakage Serum

Braids look shabby when not managed properly. The above mentioned ideas will make your braids look neat for the longer time. Try them out and see the difference.

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