7 Pretty Barbie Doll Makeup Ideas


7 Pretty Barbie Doll Makeup Ideas

We all simply have grown up playing with the gorgeous and beautiful Barbie dolls. The beauty and charm of the Barbie dolls have always kept us mesmerized and stunned. Also all w women wanted the beauty and grace of the Barbie dolls. Nothing is impossible nowadays and thus we have some amazing Barbie doll makeup ideas which would make your dream come true to look as a Barbie doll! There are so many funky and colorful options which can make you look no less than a gorgeous and beautiful Barbie doll. If you want to go dramatic, colorful or simply want to flaunt your cute Barbie side, here are some dazzling Barbie doll makeups ideas which would simply make you look an adorable Barbie!

1. Complete Pink Makeup

Barbie doll is studded and filled with the pink makeup look. From the clothes to the shoes, from the makeup to the accessories, the Barbie dolls simply love to get everything in pink! If you want the statement and iconic look of the Barbie dolls, go for this cool and mesmerizing pink makeup idea and imitate the Barbie dolls as never before! Glossy pink lips, glittery pink eyes and pretty pink blush complete the look!

Complete Pink Makeup

2. Beautiful Barbie Makeup With Fake Long Lashes

Don’t you feel envy of the adorable and gorgeous long and thick lashed the Barbie dolls have? Not anymorebecause humans have quite more of it! Try this super stunning and cool makeup idea with a cherry blush and gorgeous fake lashes which would add in the style and feel of the Barbie doll makeup. Try this and look awesome this season!

Beautiful Barbie Makeup With Fake Long Lashes

3. Nude Barbie Doll Makeup

The Barbie dolls too follow the trends we follow! If you don’t believe, here is a cool and stunning nude makeup which is simply inspired from the Barbie doll makeup and would surely make you look like a Barbie do. This gorgeous and mesmerizing nude makeup looks flawless, happening and immensely trendy. Go for these gorgeous light brown lips, nude and sheer eye shadow and blush and look awesome as never before!

Nude Barbie Doll Makeup

4. Purple Barbie Makeup

Just like the pink Barbie makeup, the purple is the pretty shade for the dolls. F you want a dramatic and cute look which imitates the Barbie dolls, here is a stunning idea you can try. Refreshing and bright glossy purple lips accompanied with cool and dramatic purple and blue eye shadow would complete your amazing Barbie doll look!

Purple Barbie Makeup

5. Glitter Barbie Makeup

Love the glittering and ever shiny Barbie dolls which are ready to party! Here is a beautiful and stunning glittery makeup which is inspired from the Barbie makeup and looks awesome! This stunning Barbie makeup with silver glitter mixed with beautiful light pink shade makes it look flawless and adorable. Complement the look with gorgeous light pink lipstick and that’s it!

Glitter Barbie Makeup

6. Dazzling Smokey Eyes Inspired From Barbie Makeup

The gorgeous and dazzling Smokey eye makeup is not just for girls! This can be inspired and stolen from the gorgeous Barbie dolls. If you want a gorgeous and sunning look just like the Barbie dolls, go for this gorgeous a pretty Smokey eye makeup which would get you a wonderful and dreamy Barbie doll look. Add the gorgeous orange and pink shades and get it more happening and beautiful!

Dazzling Smokey Eyes Inspired From Barbie Makeup

7. Sunning Green Barbie Makeup

Green and golden shade gets a perfect Barbie look which you must try this season and look angelic and like a doll. This amazing makeup with cool green liner and gold shadow makes it look more raunchy and redefining. You must try this for an exceptional and beautiful look!

Sunning Green Barbie Makeup


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