7 Pretty Ballerina Hair-Dos That You Need To Try

You Need To Try

The ballerinas are all so pretty! Watching them move around with such perfection and elegance amazes us. The whole art is so enchanting leaves us mesmerized. One of the many things that catches our eyes about the beautiful ballerinas is their hair! It’s tied up perfectly, sitting in a neat bunch. It looks so good that we want one for ourselves! Well, why not? You have even better news. You don’t have to stick with one kind of boring ballerina hair do. There are so many for you to try out! Below are listed a few of the prettiest ones.

Read On So That You Could Try Out A Few Of Them Yourself

1. French Braid High Bun

For this, comb through your hair and get rid of all the knots. After you’re done, decide the spot where you want your bun to be. Pin about four clip extensions, two at the one place, next to each other and the other two a little ahead. After this, gather your hair into a high ponytail and tie it. Get a mesh donut and slip the pony through it. Now, take a small strand of hair at the front and do the French braid. Keep adding hair only on the front part as you proceed around the mesh donut. Once you’re done, wrap the braid along the mesh and pull along the braids so that it covers the donut. Secure the braid with a few bobby pins.

French Braid High Bun

2. The Bow Bun

Gather all your hair into a pony and tie it up. After this, you can make a small loop by slipping the hair into the band again. Leave the rest of the hair at the front. Divide the loop into two sections and pull it out like a bow. Now, take the hair at the front, cross it over at the middle of the bow and pin it with some bobby pins. After this, you can elongate the bows much wider. On the sides of the bow touching the head, pull them down and secure them with bobby pins all around. Finish with a hairspray to keep it in place.

 The Bow Bun

3. Reverse Braided Bun

You’ll be working the French braid on this one too but you’ll be doing it at the back. Start by dividing your hair into two sections, at the back and front. Take a few strands of hair at the back and start braiding upwards. Work the French braid till the half and stop adding hair after that. Make sure that your braid is tight enough. Take the remaining hair and the hair at the front and work a bun at the crown of your hair. Twist the hair into loops and make a bun. Make it neat and secure it with bobby pins.

 Reverse Braided Bun

4. Double Lace Braid Bun

For this, partition your hair into two. Take some hair from the front and start doing the normal three strand braid. Keep adding hair from the front, but keep the braid away from the hairline. Braid it all the way to the bottom and treat it to some hairspray. Now, take the hair from the other side and repeat the same, braiding it all the way down. After you’re done, gather the rest of your hair into a ponytail and then add the braids to it. Secure it with an elastic band and unravel the braids that are parts of the ponytail. Next, make a loop with only a part of the hair through the band and leave the rest of the hair out. Pull the loop to make a bun. Take the leftover hair and tuck it inside the band and gently pull it to make a neater bun. Secure the bun with bobby pins. Brush the hair at the back to make it smooth and pull at the braids on the front to make them wide.

Double Lace Braid Bun

5. Fishtail Lace Bun

To create a fishtail lace bun, you need to start off with sectioning out the middle part of your hair. Take a few strands and do the French braid to the center of your head. Gather all the leftover hair into a ponytail. Divide the ponytail into two sections and slip in a donut mesh into one of the sections and let the hair fall over it, evenly, covering the donut. Now, take a section of hair from the top and the hair from the bottom and start the fishtail braid. Take hair from the top section, cross it over with the bottom section and keep adding hair to the top section as you proceed around the mesh donut. When you run out of hair to add, just do a normal fishtail braid to the end of your hair and tuck it around the bun. Secure it with bobby pins.

Fishtail Lace Bun

6. Spiral Braid Bun

This is best suited for long hair. Before starting with it, make sure that you have gotten rid of all the knots in your hair. Once you’ve done that, move to the crown of the head, take a section of hair and start braiding. Gather hair from the bottom as you proceed all the way in a circle. Once you’ve completed one circle, move a section down and then start adding hair from that section. Do this all over until you have covered the entire head. Braid the leftover hair and tuck it inside the spiral. Secure with bobby pins.

Spiral Braid Bun

7. The Infinity Bun

To start off with, gather all your hair into a firm ponytail after brushing it smoothly. Take a section of hair from the ponytail and twist it up till half its length. After you’re done, pin it to your head. Take the remaining hair, twist it towards the elastic band and pin it up with some bobby pins. Now, take the other section of the hair, twist it on the other side and secure it with a bobby pin. Get the left over hair and twist it towards the elastic band, wrap it around the other twist and secure it with bobby pins. Pull out a little of the twists to make them look a little loopy.

The Infinity Bun

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