7 Plaited Low Bun Hairstyles

Many types of bun hairstyles are popular with girls and women. Low buns are special hairdos for a romantic look and style. The plait or braid hairstyles look very nice when made with low buns. Low buns are made at slightly lower levels in the hair and it helps in giving a charming and classy feel to women. Use the hairstyle in occasions like parties or social functions for creating a unique style. There are different types of plaited or braided low buns that you can make with your hair. We will suggest some good options for this. Choose the best hairstyle that will look good on you.

Following Are The 7 Plaited Low Bun Hairstyles:

1. Loose French Braid Updo Hairstyle

Loose French braid updo hairstyle gives a very sophisticated look to the hair. Take hair from one side of the head and make a loose French braid with it. Take the braid behind the head and combine it with remaining hair to make a low bun at the side instead of center. Decorate the bun with hair accessories for a charming and graceful look.


2. Vintage Braided Bun Boho Hairstyle

Vintage braided bun boho hairstyle looks quite good when the side braids are made along with low bun. For getting this hairstyle, you should make two sections of hair in the right and left sides of the head and keep it aside. Gather the remaining hair in the center part, take it behind the head and make a low bun with it. Now, twist and form plaits or braids with the two side sections of hair made earlier. Take the braids at the back, wrap it and combine it with the bun.


3. Twisted Headband Bun Hairstyle

Twisted headband bun hairstyle is made with the help of headband. Wear a headband on the hair at the top. Keep some hair loose and flowing freely. Take the hair upwards tucking below the headband. Make braids on both sides of the hair. Take the braids at the backside and make a low bun with it.


4. Fishtail Updo Hairstyle

The fishtail updo hairstyle includes fishtail braid along with a bun made at a lower level at the back of the head. For this, take two sections of hair at the side of the head on left and right side and make fishtail braids with it. Take the braids at the backside and combine with the rest of the hair to make a low bun. It makes women look very beautiful.


5. Side Chignon Messy Updo Hairstyle

Side chignon messy updo hairstyle is an ideal option for functions like weddings. For this, you should take the hair at the right and left sides in the front and make braid with it. Take the hair behind the head, tie into a ponytail and make a low messy bun by combining the two braids with the remaining hair.


6. Elegant Braided Updo Low Bun Hairstyle

Elegant braided updo low bun hairstyle is very easy to make. Make a center parting in the hair and divide it into two parts. Make a braid on each side of the hair. Take one braid behind the head to the opposite side and secure with a pin. Do this with both braids. Make a low bun with both the braids combined at the back.


7. Triple Braid Hairstyle

A Triple braid hairstyle looks very nice when made with a low bun. For getting this hairstyle, you should make three parts or sections in the hair. Make a braid in each part. Gather the three braids behind the head and make a low bun with it. Thus, it makes a very beautiful low bun with triple braids.


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