7 Pixie Cuts For Round Faces

 For Round Faces

A large number of women choose to have a pixie hairstyle. In this hairstyle, the hair is cut short near the forehead and upper neck while leaving long hair near the crown area. The main reason why women like this hairstyle is that it is easy to manage and maintain. Thus, it is a convenient and maintenance-free hairstyle for women with a busy life having less time for hair care. There are many types of pixie hairstyles for different looks, occasions and face shape. You should choose a pixie style according to your face shape. The pixie hairstyle looks very nice on round faces. We will suggest some pixie hairstyles for women who have a round face.

Following Are The 7 Pixie Cuts For Round Faces.

1. Cropped Pixie

A Cropped Pixie hairstyle looks very adorable and cute on round faces. To get this look, cut the hair in a short pixie haircut. Make a cropped pixie style in the hair with the hair cropped very short. It is a hassle-free hairstyle for busy women that doesn’t need any special hair care and time.

Cropped Pixie

2. Messy Pixie Cut

Messy Pixie Cut is a modern and stylish hairstyle for women with a round face. Get a pixie haircut with half of the hair shaped in a bowl cut. Make blunt cut bangs in the hair along with the pixie. Ask your hairdresser to make short sideburns. Keep the hair on the upper part of the head and tousle it for a messy look. It gives an imperfect and spunky look. Use colorful makeup with this hairstyle like a red lipstick.

 Messy Pixie Cut

3. Cutesy Sideswept Pixie

Cutesy Sideswept Pixie hairstyle looks very beautiful and cute on women with a round face. For this hairstyle, get a pixie haircut with a lot of volume in the hair. Turn the hair towards the side of the head to either the left or right side for a side swept look. Finish the hairstyle by applying a hairspray on the hair. It gives a charming look to the hair.

Cutesy Sideswept Pixie

4. Edgy Pixie Cut With Long Side Bangs

Edgy Pixie Cut With Long Side Bangs is a suitable hairstyle for round faces. Get an edgy classic pixie haircut with the side hair cut in feathered bangs. The bangs should be cut up to a long length with a feather look. The hairstyle helps in elongating a round face thus correcting the imperfection and roundness of your face.

Edgy Pixie Cut With Long Side Bangs

5. Forward Styled Pixie Cut

Forward styled pixie cut looks very nice on round faces. Get a pixie haircut of a short length along with piece-y bangs in the hair. Make modern style spikes on top of the head. Clip the side hair very short. The length of the hair behind the head should be about half an inch. For styling the hair, turn the hair near the forehead towards the front side so that they cover the forehead and touch the eye level.

Forward Styled Pixie Cut

6. Pixie With Tapered Sideburns

Pixie with tapered sideburns suits women who have a round face and blonde hair. To get this look, get a pixie haircut with face framing sideburns. Instead of straight sideburns, make tapered sideburns that surround the face like a frame. Darken the hair roots with a dark hair color. It will help in making a round face look long.

Pixie With Tapered Sideburns

7. Swept Back Pixie Cut

Swept back pixie cut is another hairstyle for round faces with the hair turned backward instead of the front side. To get this look, get a long pixie haircut. Turn the front side hair near the forehead backward behind the head. Use a hair dryer and brush for turning the hair backward. Finish the hairstyle by applying a hold spray that helps in maintaining the hairstyle.

Swept Back Pixie Cut

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