7 New Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipsticks

Every new season Huda proposes some new and gorgeous lipstick shades which would make women go crazy. This season there are some amazing shades launched by Huda which are stunning and perfect for different skin tones. The new liquid matte lipsticks from Huda are loved by the ladies and are so adorable. The prefect gloss and the dusky matte finish give completely adorable and gorgeous lips. If you are looking for these amazing Huda shades,

Here Are Some Beautiful And New Liquid Matte Lipstick Shades Which Will Make You Fall In Love With The Amazing Huda Products

1. Classic Brown

This amazing classic brown shade exclusively designed for ladies with a slight darker tone looks perfectly y gorgeous and stunning. You can try this amazing shade for a casual look, for party nights and for any occasion. It would even complement a formal look and completely blend with the formal attires. This amazing liquid matte lipstick has a perfect finish and does not let your lips look extra glossy and shiny. Try this amazing shade which goes perfectly with all the skin tones.

Classic Brown

2. Subtle Pinkish Nude

If you a lover of pink color, this shade will steal your heart. This amazing subtle and mild pink shade with a matte finish will make your day. If you love light and simple shades, try this amazing pinkish nude shade this season. The amazing liquid lipstick will spread perfectly over your lips and would enrich the glory of your beautiful lips. You can wear this shade with casual and formal wears when you do not want much dramatic or glittery look.

Subtle Pinkish Nude

3. Deep Taupe Brown

This taupe brow shade from had is perfectly amazing. For the girls with pale and extremely fair skin, this lipstick shade can do wonders. Try applying this gorgeous taupe brown shad eon your lips. It will not only make your lips look stunning but would also help in getting a perfectly contoured and sculpted look.

Deep Taupe Brown

4. Trophy Wife Rose Wood

If you love the beautiful reddish pink shade of the roses, here is an amazing shade from Huda which makes you fall in love. This amazing rosy shade gives you a perfect matte finish and a beautiful and plumpy look. In the fresh mornings, try this fresh and glorious look by applying this rosy rose wood shade from Huda and look a princess with rosy and juicy lips.

Trophy Wife Rose Wood

5. Spice Girl Brownish Mauve

This amazing mauve shade makes your lips look amazingly adorable. The beautiful matte texture goes perfectly well with this brownish mauve shade and makes your lips look worth a billion dollars. If you want a formal and dusky look, you can try this gorgeous shade and flaunt the beautiful lips. The matte finish accompanies the brownish texture of this amazing shade and gives you a rich and elegant look.

Spice Girl Brownish Mauve

6. Hot Red

If you love those dark and red lips which are so glamorous and stylish, here is an exclusive shade fro Huda which will give you all the beauty of the classic red color. The pretty liquid texture provides glossy effect with amazing matte finish which gives you a dark and gorgeous look. Try this amazing dark red shade and look like a glamorous diva.

Hot Red

7. Classy Pink

If you love beautiful pink shade, here is the gorgeous pinky shade from Huda. This glorifying pink shade does not look extremely dark pink but gives a mild pink shade with a lavender touch. Try this amazing light pink shade for a casual and natural look.

Classy Pink

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